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Back in April my dear friend Kyrsten Barrett asked me if I wanted to try something new and be her daily prayer partner.

I was intrigued and my intuition was like “do it!” so I jumped on. It’s been an incredible journey and I want to share with you the overall experience, structures, and the miracles that have happened so far.

She had shared a book that she was reading “Multiply Your Blessings: A 90-Day Prayer Partner Experience by August Gold and Joel Fotinos.” I immediately ordered the book online to start reading it too.

We had several discussions about the book, what our prayer process would look like, setting clear intentions, and the book helped us figure out a structure to our daily prayer too.

Growing up Catholic I was already deeply familiar with prayer in my life but this was a new experience where I get to create a ritual that was more authentic to how I wanted to connect with Spirit.

I believe and know in my bones the power of prayer and also the power of ritual, coming together in spiritual partnership, and holding each other in a space of faith, trust, and unity with Spirit.

Embarking on this new daily practice felt exciting to see what is made manifest when we continuously surrender, connect, and cultivate our relationship with the Divine.

I also felt resistance too. Every. Single. Day.

Would I commit? Would I want to flake out? What if I didn’t enjoy it?

So we committed to 90 consecutive days. After that, we would then reflect and see if we wanted to continue.

We made it through the entire 90 days praying together every single day and have happily continued on since then.


Here are some of the beautiful manifestations that have happened in our lives:

1. Kyrsten’s having a baby! At 19, Kyrsten’s doctor told her she wouldn’t be able to have children.

This was a heartbreaking moment in her life knowing that she always wanted to have children. This also launched her into her own soul searching and spiritual and healing journey.

During our prayer time, she and her husband made the decision to try infertility treatments and on the very first try she conceived! The baby bump is in full effect and she’s due in March. I can’t wait to meet her little miracle baby!

2. The prayers helped Kyrsten stay in the flow through the stress and hormonal changes of infertility treatments.

3. Sold our home to the perfect buyer. After struggling with finding the right buyer and the day we were going to call our agent to take the house off the market, the perfect buyer showed up.

4. Moving was really tough for me that brought tons of fears, uncertainties and feeling lost.  Our daily prayers helped me stay connected to Spirit and keep my faith strong.

5. We found a peaceful sanctuary in Irvine, California that we love with the best landlord ever and a quick 8-minute walk to a delicious juice bar and a variety of restaurants.

6. Kyrsten’s husband Rob got a promotion. He is now able to work from home giving them more flexibility and more income too.

7. Big money months. I had one of my best financial months in my business and continuing to attract the most amazing clients.

8. Unexpected cashola. Krysten received a totally unexpected cash gift of $6000 from her Aunt for no apparent reason except for being a badass niece.

9. Brand new car. I’ve needed a new car for a long time. My 16-year-old Pathfinder was on her last leg and although I loved her dearly, I knew it was time to put her to rest. After months of searching, I found the perfect 2016 Toyota 4Runner in red and am in love!

10. I’m speaking for the both of us here, but I’m quite certain Kyrsten would agree that our prayer partnership strengthened our trust in Spirit and to really know and feel the presence of Spirit continuously guiding and supporting us to show up fully through all the highs and lows of life.


Here’s a breakdown of our prayer partner experience and how you can craft your own:

The overall intention of prayer partnering is to literally do just that: PRAY!

But not like begging and pleading prayer but a moment to commune with God, Source, Spirit (whatever you like to call the guiding force that connects us as one) and affirm what it is that you want to embody in life.

Every single day at a time that you both agree on, you hop on the phone and go through your prayer ritual. It could be anywhere from 2 minutes to 10 minutes. I feel we have found a wonderful sweet spot between 5-10 minutes for us.

Throughout the day you also are “holding the high watch” a term they used in the book, which is holding space and seeing the true Soul of your prayer partner and affirming that what they are praying for is already happening.

There’s something magical about knowing that you are being seen and held at such a high level of faith from your partner.  This allows you to connect deeper with Spirit and rise about the fears or resistance you may be experiencing in life.

You can use this prayer time to pray for whatever you most want to express, embody or experience in your life.

Some people use it to pray for a new job, or maybe a relationship, a sense of confidence, or create more happiness.

For myself, my prayers consisted of cultivating a deeper level of personal responsibility in my life. I knew there were things in my life that I really wanted but I wasn’t allowing myself to be responsible for creating that.

I was hiding, playing into old patterns especially with money that kept me from growing in the direction that I was being called to grow.

We were also in the process of putting our house on the market and all the fear that was coming up about selling our home, moving, and living in a totally new city created a lot of emotional upheaval for me.

I knew that having a daily prayer partner ritual would help me stay grounded in fierce faith in a new way.


Establish clear intentions and boundaries.

Some things to keep in mind about the prayer experience is to create clear intentions and that this is a sacred experience. You want to enter your prayer time present, focusing on the connection with Spirit, and create a safe and confidential space for the both of you.

This time is strictly for prayer and not a place to unload your problems, a nonchalant chat about life, play catch up, or talk about your plans for the day. You are not there to be a therapist or counselor for your partner.

You are there to stand firmly in partnership with Spirit. All you do is pray.

Now if something came up for us that we wanted to talk about, we let each other know that we wanted to discuss something and either set up a different time to do that or we would decide to talk about it after our prayer. We do very well in keeping the boundary for our prayer time and that has worked beautifully.

Having a set schedule is important too. I’m on the West coast and Kyrsten lives on the East coast so we were able to find a time that worked for the both of us. We pray every day at 7:45 am PT / 10:45 am ET. Even on the weekends.  For days when we may be traveling or our schedules need to shift, we’ll pray later in the day.

We made it through the first 90 days never skipping a day!

Since then we’ve skipped some days due to traveling or our schedules not lining up for the day but we are still going strong!  We still go through our same prayer process solo and pick up again the next day.


The format of our prayer is as follows:

1. Our opening prayer we say together is a prayer from Unity Church:

The light of God surrounds us.
The Love of God enfolds us.
The Power of God protects us.
The Presence of God watches over us.
Wherever we are, God is and all is well.

2. 30 seconds of silence.

3. Then we go into our individual prayers that we each say three times out loud.
Kyrsten will say her prayer out loud, then I say her prayer for her and we do that three times. Then we switch and I will say my prayer then she says my prayer out loud for me.  We used a simple, yet powerful and positive prayer format from “Multiply Your Blessings” that looks like this:

The name for the Source…
where the Source dwells…
your heart’s desire…

The name you use for Source can be whatever you most connect with. That may be God, Spirit, Divine Mind, Creator, Infinite Life are just a few examples. Your emotional connection and what feels real for you is key to what name you choose.

Where the Source dwells is identifying your relationship to Source and where that comes from. Some examples of this are within me, moving through me, expressing itself as me, or flowing through me.

Your prayer request or heart’s desire is saying what you want to receive in your life right now. And by saying this in present tense, you’re affirming this is already happening right now.

Get clear on what you truly desire in your life – that may be a strong and healthy body, creativity, a life partner, or growth in your business.

Here are a couple of examples or how this three-part prayer format looks that you can use as inspiration:

Spirit within me, guides me to be financially free.
God living in and through me leads me to my true love.
Divine Source expressing as me unleashes creative ideas.
Holy Spirit within me clears all blocks to a healthy and happy body.

As you can see these prayers are short and sweet yet absolutely powerful. You want to be able to say your prayer out loud and feel it within you.

Keep it focused on one thing your heart and soul truly desires rather than saying you want to “pray for a partner, health, new job and financial abundance.” Don’t worry; you’re not missing out on anything if you focus on one thing. Spirit always delivers exactly what you need.

4. 30 seconds of silence again.

5. Say a closing prayer together.
For our first 90 days, we used the prayers in the back of the book. Currently, we are rotating through the ten prayers from “The Abundance Book” by John Randolph Price and that’s been working really well for us.

As long as you create your prayer partner experience to be authentic to you that’s what really matters. Give yourself the flexibility to test things out, tweak your prayers, try different formats and see what works.

What I’ve shared with you are merely guidelines and the process that has been working for us.

I’d love to hear if you’re feeling inspired and ready to find your prayer partner and try it out for 90 days!

Happy prayer partnering!

Big love,