"Awaken Your Psychic Abilities to Receive Answers from
Your Higher Self"

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Most people have the wrong idea of what it means to be psychic. 

But you're not most people.

The word psychic comes from the Greek word psuche (psychê), meaning "soul." Being psychic is truly about tapping into and living from your Soul. 

Your psychic senses help to foster a deeper relationship with your Soul’s “inner knowing,” guiding you to express your truest and most authentic self. By tuning into your psychic abilities, you’ll gain the confidence, clarity, and trust to make success
ful decisions and navigate through life’s challenges with grace. Most importantly, you’ll be able to express your Soul’s potential and purpose fully.

Perhaps you've had psychic or intuitive glimpses show up in your life through prophetic dreams of the future, an inner knowing about a direction you need to go, or a gut feeling that something isn't quite right.

You've trusted it at times but you've ignored it more than you care to admit.

But not anymore. With this guided meditation, you'll begin to open up your intuition to receive guidance from your Soul and Spirit to enhance all areas of your life and business. 

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Hi, I’m Christina Ambubuyog, intuitive guide, spiritual teacher, artist, and creator of I Love Intuition. For the past 14 years, I've given thousands of psychic readings and energy healings, provide spiritual and intuitive coaching to entrepreneurs and executives, and teach meditation, expressive arts, and intuition development through workshops, online programs, and retreats.

Despite some people thinking I have some special intuitive power, the reality is that you can learn this too!  I've taught ambitious spiritual seekers, creatives, and purpose driven individuals how  to strengthen their intuition, give readings to others, and fully express their Soul's purpose.  I'd love to show you how too!