You’re a soulful woman who’s had enough with trying to figure out your purpose and ready to finally live it!  You’re on a spiritual path and have read every self-help book out there, yet you still second-guess yourself and don’t have the confidence to fully shine your light.

You want to have the clarity to know exactly what steps to take to see your dreams come to life. You need more than just accountability, but soulful support to stay aligned with your truth and step into the real you.


    • You know you’re meant for something GREATER but not sure what that is or how to make it happen.
    • You’re ready to experience a deeper connection to your calling, purpose and vision that moves you forward with grace and unshakable confidence.
    • You feel like something isn’t quite right in your business and life and want to take it to that next level of soulful expression and success.
    • You’re emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted and overwhelmed from feeling lost and unclear trying figure out what you’re meant to do in your life.
    • You’ve been wrapped up in not good enough, don’t know enough, not worthy enough and ready to finally let it go… for good.
    • You want more meaning, more love, more pleasure, more adventure and more FREEDOM.
    • You’re ready to fully trust your intuition and express who you are, without apology.
    • You wake up inspired and ready to take on the world then get bogged down with a billion ideas, lose focus and have no clue where to begin.
    • You know that when you do trust in your inner guidance, miracles happen, life flows easily and you feel on top of the world.

If so, then I’d love to support you in creating a deep connection with your purpose, trusting your intuition and creating a life and business that’s aligned to your Soul.

Imagine this…

    • You wake up every day feeling super clear about who you are, your life’s purpose and having the fierce faith + courage to express yourself in the world.
    • You know how to tap into the power of your intuition on demand to guide you in every decision even when you face uncertainty and sudden obstacles.
    • Your marketing, offerings and business is a direct reflection of who you are.
    • You’re surrounded by like-hearted friendships who lift you up and are doing big things in the world too.
    • You’re taking focused action, expressing your purpose fully and having fun while doing so.
    • You have a deep sense of happiness and inner peace that you have come home to YOU again.
    • You have gone beyond transition and transformation into a true sense of wholeness about who you truly are and what you are meant to create in the world.
    • You’re confident to fully show up as you in your relationships, your work and in your life, creating deeper connections, more love and more opportunities.
    • You are using your natural talents, gifts and strengths to help contribute positivity and change in the world.

Sounds pretty amazing right?


Your soul is so unique that this is no cookie cutter coaching program. I partner with you as your intuitive guide, spiritual mentor and coach.  I will help you illuminate and clear energetic blocks, uncover your soul’s purpose, and reclaim your power.

We kick off our journey with a 90-minute Creative Soul Jam session that includes uncovering into your Soul Purpose and getting clear on how you manifest and create so you know exactly what your purpose is and how to best express YOU fully.

From here, we’ll get clear on what’s emerging from your Soul, address the fears and what’s stopping you both practically and energetically, prioritize and create clarity from chaos. You’ll walk away from the first session with clear intentions and a heart wide open to receive your dreams.

From there we get down and dirty (in a good way!). Each session is unique and customized to what you most need in each moment. You’ll experience a blend of spiritual coaching and down to earth action that gets you to where you want to be.

We will work together to get you expressing your purpose, trusting your intuition and living the life you know you are meant to live!



How we’ll unleash your purpose!

Phase One: Releasing the Past and Discover Your Purpose
This is all about creating a strong foundation for you to step into your purpose.  Living your purpose can bring up the internal muck. The cultural ideologies, limiting beliefs and parental shoulds starts to rise up, creating fear, disillusion, and self doubt. Together, we’ll shine the light and dive deep into the shadows, clearing out shame, guilt, and unworthiness.

Then we get clear about what your Soul Purpose truly is by tapping into the depths of your inner wisdom, pinpointing your true gifts, talents and natural born strengths.  We look at what your Soul truly desires, the dreams it wants to manifest and the way it wants to do that. We’ll bring that all together to see how you can bring that out into the world in a meaningful and soulful way.

Phase Two: Standing in Your Power and Claiming Your Purpose
Together we’ll start grounding your vision into reality and map out your unique Manifesting Matrix so you can express your purpose fully in all areas of your life. We’ll continue with any clearing of limiting beliefs or patterns that may sneak up on you as you claim the truth of who you are.  We’ll also craft a powerful purpose statement and intention that moves mountains and propels you into the next level of your brilliance.

Phase Three: Embodying and Expressing Your Purpose
This is where you’ll be fully expressing who you are in the world.  We’ll get clear on the avenues in which you want to express your gifts, how you can fulfill your purpose in all areas of your life.  You’ll be equipped with the tools to manage your energy through any challenges, clear about your direction and vision and sharing your brilliance with the world

What’s Included:

    • A 6-Month Deep Dive Together.  Why 6 months? Because this is a process of discovery, integration and wholeness.  I don’t believe in overnight successes but steady, soulfully aligned progress.  I’ve found that 6 months is a beautiful time for really anchoring into the energy of your purpose and seeing it come to life.
    • 1 Creative Soul Jam Session.  A 90-minute kickoff call where we’ll look at your Soul Gifts and Purpose, get clear on your intentions, vision and the strategic way we’ll get there.
    • Your Manifesting Matrix. A blueprint of how your Soul uniquely creates and manifests your desires and dreams, whether your want to take your business to the next level or call in your soulmate.  Each month, we’ll align your actions to your Manifesting Matrix so you can create with more ease, grace and flow.
    • 11 Private Calls.  These are 45 minute sessions where we’ll be focusing on living your purpose through action, energy clearing, reclaiming your power, executing your deepest desires and vision and of course strengthening your intuition.
    • Ongoing Email Support.  You have full email access to me during business hours.   I am here to support you on whatever you need.  Clients have sent me ideas, service packages, logos and projects for feedback, give me daily updates on how many words have been written for a novel for serious accountability, ask me for support with their children, prospective clients and vendors to hire, and reach out when they feel like they just want to give up on their dreams.
    • Full on Transparency.  I am an open book for you.  I will give you a behind the scenes look into how I live a Spirit lovin’ life, run my business from the comfort of my home, the marketing avenues that align to your purpose, the current practices I use to nourish my body, mind, and soul, templates or resources, and brilliant ideas.  Whatever you want to ask me, I will share with you everything I can. And know that if I can’t personally help you, I will find the exact resource or person who can.
    • Your investment is $3000 or 6 payments of $530.



Ready to fully Live Your Soul Purpose?


Then sign up to elevate your life with a
free 45-minute Express Your Soul Session!

Through a badass combo of coaching, creative wizardry and entrepreneurial street smarts, your Free 45-minute Express Your Soul Session will:

    • Give you extreme clarity on what your heart truly desires in your life, relationships or business
    • Illuminate your #1 block that’s stopping you from fully trusting your intuition and having a life that aligns with your Soul
    • Identify one powerful and intuitively aligned action you can take to elevate your life and purpose

If I recommend we continue working together through Private Mentoring, it’s because I know in my heart that I can support you in strengthening your intuition, managing your energy and taking aligned action to deepen your purpose.  Otherwise, I’ll provide you with the best resource or coach for you.

By trusting in their intuition and shining their light, women who have worked with me have experienced:

    • Doubling and tripling their revenues
    • Sealing the deal with a book publisher
    • Landing opportunities to work hand in hand with legendary musicians
    • Discovering their purpose and launching heart-centered businesses
    • Clearing stuck energy from over 30 years of unworthiness and shame to finally owning their value and gifts

Come ready to have major head nodding aha’s and a dramatic opening in your energy to receive more abundance.

This is an exploration of what your soul desires and to know if we are good match for private mentoring and coaching together.  All love, no pressure!

This is for you if you are serious about LIVING YOUR PURPOSE and want to commit to taking consistent and soulful action to do so.

This is NOT for you if you…

    • Are unwilling to take the necessary action to create the change you desire
    • You don’t have a budget to financially invest in receiving support in living your soul’s purpose.
    • Don’t like candid feedback or being called out on your own excuses
    • Are not open to spiritual practices or meditation
    • Want to wait for opportunities to land in your lap

You are a co-creator with Spirit. You have the power to create what you desire, so if you want clarity on how to do that in a way that is passionate, playful and aligned with your purpose, then I would love to speak with you!

Please apply if you are feeling called to express your purpose in all areas of your life and business.

I’m here for you. Fill out the application below.

I’ll review all submissions and if I truly feel I can support you, then you’ll receive an email with instructions to schedule your complimentary Express Your Soul Session.


Prior to getting into Christina’s Private Coaching Program, I was completely overworked, absolutely failing in juggling a home based business and two part time jobs. My relationship was falling apart and I had not taken a single day off, let alone some time for myself – in 2 years! I felt guilty every night for not having accomplished more during the day. Despite all my best efforts, money was not coming in and my business associates were driving me crazy. Something had to change, and thoroughly.

Her coaching enabled me to live in my own truth and be fully present and focused.  Chrissy did an amazing job, helping me shift my energy, re-connecting with my intuition, and YES – even finding my purpose in life.

I do not recognize my life anymore. Thanks to Christina’s gentle but firm encouragements, I managed to completely restructure my company. I learnt to delegate and empower other people. My business team has been re-organized as well and our mission statement and values are eventually being respected. Our company – both client base and revenue – has steadily grown! Furthermore, my relationship is back on track and I love myself again. I’ve learned the real value of time and am consistently taking time off for me, without any guilt. Life is wonderful again!!!

What immediately stood out are Christina’s amazing listening skills. She does not pretend or listen half-heartedly; on the contrary, she gets to the bottom of things, clears through all the clutter and knows how to turn things around. She is incredibly encouraging, a lot of fun, her laugh alone already is like a bucket of vitamin C, yet she is firm enough to make you comprehend that sometimes change is necessary and can be quite positive. The steps she suggests are simple to follow, not necessarily easy, this depends on the amount of internal (or external) boundaries you’re facing, but simple and definitely worth following!

Christina knows how to bring the best out in people. Thanks to her, I enjoy my life again! If you’re wondering whether Christina is the right coach for you, it’s the same as Nike says. Just do it!

Justine Van Impe

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4. What would be the best thing that could happen with the right coaching, support, energy management, practical tools and thorough implementation? *

5. Please check which of these best describes your willingness to invest in your intuitive development and living your purpose: *

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6. What is your current challenge in your life, relationships or business you need the most help with right away? *

Before I began working with Christina, I was limited in my ability to see the opportunity before me as a new small business owner. I felt overwhelmed, confused about what direction to take my business, and unsure of the future. Consistently, I was taking on more projects that I could realistically manage based on the fear that additional projects might not arise. My work life was my only life. There was no balance. Though I had ideas for creating my own programs to generate revenue, the dream of moving from a “service for hire” to “program provider” seemed like a lofty goal.

Christina taught me to use energy tools to redirect my fear into reassurance and confidence in future opportunities. What I love about learning from Christina is that she meets you where you are – and creates fun and playful ways to begin using the energy tools.

Within 3 months of implementing the tools that Christina taught me, I experienced an amazing shift in my business. I was able to let go of two major projects that were not giving me the opportunity to truly leverage my gifts as a Coach and Learning Designer to take on new projects that offered more than double the earning potential. All the while, streamlining my client base and beginning to integrate true work/life balance again. Each month, as I continue working with Christina for individual coaching, I continue to build trusted partnerships with amazing colleagues and bid projects with increasing revenue potential.

Christina has a magical way of leading her clients through challenging and life changing realizations, while maintaining a fully supportive and compassionate environment. Due to geographical limitations, Christina and I meet over the phone, but it feels as if she is sitting right beside me during every session. All of our sessions comprise laughter, play, insight, healing, action steps and a vision of what comes next. Christina often follows up our sessions with an email or wonderful tool to support me on my next leg of the journey.

If you’re thinking of working with Christina then stop thinking about it – and give it a try! There is nothing to be lost, yet a wonderful world of insight, connectedness and success to be discovered.

Jeannie Sullivan

Hello, I’m Christina!
C.Ambubuyog_pic 120px

Christina Ambubuyog is the creator of I Love Intuition where she helps ambitious and soulful women strengthen and trust their intuition and creativity to live their purpose.  As a Spiritual teacher, certified coach, artist, and speaker, Christina integrates expressive arts, energy techniques, and playfulness as the secret sauce to her programs, to bring out your inner wisdom and align to your truth.

Christina has worked with over a thousand clients nationally and internationally through intuition coaching, events, and workshops to individuals as well as organizations such as United Way, Vistage, Lululemon, and Neiman Marcus.  She has been a featured speaker at TEDx Fremont East Women.  Her artwork and custom painted murals decorate homes and businesses throughout the country.

Christina received her bachelors in Interactive Multimedia from Columbia College Chicago and is a Certified Life and Spiritual Coach through the International Coach Academy.

Born and raised in Chicago, she now lives in Phoenix, Arizona where she loves hiking through the desert, painting, and traveling incessantly.