Discover Your Exact Divine Gifts So You Can Stop Searching for Why You Are Here and Start Living Your Soul’s Purpose

Do you feel like you know you’re here for something greater but have no clue what on earth you’re meant to do?

Would you like to be able to know how your Soul expresses your purpose and the unique gifts you have to offer the world?

Would you like to know what energetic blocks are keeping you from creating what you want?

Your Soul has all the answers you need to create a life that is
meaningful, joyful and abundant!

By accessing the wisdom of your Soul, you’ll know exactly how to express your purpose with confidence and clarity.

With a Soul Purpose reading, we can pinpoint very quickly what Divine gifts your soul came to express, how to take your gifts out into the world so you can live your purpose, and clear any energetic blocks that are limiting you from manifesting what you desire.

When you know your Soul’s innate gifts, then you are fully empowered to take spiritually aligned action designing the life you truly deserve and desire.

And this is how we get to live and experience our purpose fully!

Ready to know your Soul purpose?

Let’s do this!


How the Soul Purpose Reading Works:

For this specific reading, I will be accessing the Divine nature of your Soul within your Akashic Records. The Akashic Records contains the entire history of you as a Soul and the original blueprint of who you are.

We will be looking specifically for your Soul gifts and the energetic qualities of your Soul that allows you to live your purpose fully.

And because I believe that we are here to Soulfully express ourselves in our human experience, we’ll also look at how you can ground your Soul gifts into practical actions steps to achieve your intentions and dreams that you have for your life.

I will access your records ahead of time and prepare the entire reading (including the bonuses below) prior to our session, which takes me about an hour.  When we hop on the phone together, we’ll dive right in and I’ll share all the details with you.  You’ll also have time to ask questions and receive intuitive support at the end of the reading.


I didn’t know what to expect from my Akashic Records session with Christina. This was a totally new experience for me. This session ended up being such a gift. Truly a divine blessing. So much truth and soulful insights were revealed that helped give me confirmation that I was already on the right path. I loved learning more about how to best use my natural strengths. And learning more about my past lives was fascinating to understand where old wounds originated and how they could now be healed. Our session definitely confirmed the divine gifts of my soul and to continue creating my life in true alignment.

I would highly recommend Christina and her divine gift of tapping into someone’s energy and spirit to help them honor who they are and what they are meant to do here on this earth, in this lifetime. She allowed this new experience to feel safe for me to explore the depths and power of my inner spirit so I can make my greatest contribution.

Jennifer Dawn Gabiola

Beauty Brand Expert // Designer // Poet,


AFTER Your Soul Purpose Reading YOU’LL HAVE:

      • The exact Divine gifts of your Soul and how to tap into those gifts for greater abundance and fulfillment
      • How to express your Soul’s purpose with confidence to create a lifestyle that is alignment with who you truly are
      • A clear understanding of what energetic blocks are getting in the way of you manifesting what you desire
      • Receive an energy clearing to release these blocks and specific actions you need to take to ensure you don’t fall back into old patterns
      • The unique way your Soul is wired to manifest so you can attract, create, and achieve what you want with more ease and flow
      • Practical guidance on how to apply your Soul gifts to make your life, business and relationships more joyful and on purpose

You’ll also receive these two bonuses!

Bonus #1: Your Manifesting Matrix.
Each one of us has our own signature way to manifest what we want.  This reading reveals exactly HOW your Soul authentically creates and manifests in this life.  So if you’re wondering why those affirmations aren’t working for you or why your vision board hasn’t come to life, then you’ll know exactly what manifesting tools you’ll need to keep you on track and focused to get results swiftly!   (Valued at $200)

Bonus #2: Aligning Your Home.  
Your environment influences your ability to manifest what you want and if there are negative energies lurking in your home, they will affect your productivity, clarity, and even your confidence! This is a special property clearing where I will read the energy of your home, report to you any energetic blocks within your property and clear these energies so that your home aligns perfectly to you.  All of this can happen remotely since energy has no time and space. (Valued at $150)

How to Get the Most Out of Your Reading

You are the powerful creator of your life! Therefore, this reading is best for you if you are willing to take the aligned action necessary to fully live your purpose.

When you come into this reading with an open mind and clear about what you want to create in your life, the more specific the guidance will be for you.

Keep in mind that this is not fortune telling or predicting your future but about giving you the Soul-level wisdom of your Divine gifts so you can take your life in the direction you desire!

If you are ready to use your Soul gifts to create more fulfillment, meaning, and purpose then this reading will give you an accurate blueprint of your Divine nature to master your spiritual and human evolution.

For the conscious parent, you may also book a reading for your child if you’d like to know how to nurture and guide them to live their purpose too.  You may book a reading for your child without signing up for one yourself.  I will share the reading with you and you will have a recording for him/her to listen to when they are older. If they are 14 and up, I can speak with them directly if they would like and you will still have access to their recording so you know their gifts and purpose.


Here’s everything that is included for $300:

      • Soul Purpose Reading and Energetic Clearing of current and past life blocks and restrictions.
      • Manifesting Style Bonus Reading – this reading reveals the specifics of HOW you actually manifest and create
      • Aligning Your Home Bonus Clearing – this is a house and property clearing to clear out negative entities, misalignments, and anything funky that’s hanging around your home.
      • MP3 Recording of your reading so you can always refer back to the insights – my clients have told me that they listen to these audios multiple times and continue to gain new insights and further align with their purpose each time. (it’s the gift that keeps on giving!)

How to Schedule Your Soul Purpose Reading: 

  1. Simply purchase your reading using the payment button below
  2. You’ll be directed to a questionnaire to fill out and email to me within 24 hours.
  3. Once I receive your questionnaire, you’ll receive an email to schedule your 90-minute session.
  4. All readings are via phone or Skype for international friends outside of the USA.
  5. An MP3 recording of your session is included to help you stay aligned to your Soul Purpose and Divine gifts.

Click below to book your session.

Soul Purpose Reading and Energetic Clearing PLUS the two bonuses of your Manifesting Style and Home Healing

Investment is $300



The Akashic Record Soul Purpose Reading I had with Christina wasn’t just a reading, it was a complete healing.  It started from even before the session began.  When I did the actual reading, I literally felt this amazing feeling around my head that made me go into complete relaxation.

Prior to my reading I’ve been going a little crazy because my house has been messier than normal.  I just had a baby and I couldn’t keep up with being a mom of now 3 young girls!  All I wanted was a clean house.  In my reading Christina helped me understand that Divine order is one of my soul gifts and that I thrive more in an orderly environment and I’m here to create harmony, peace for myself and others.

She also gave me other intuitive insights that put things into place for me.  There’s a few goals that I’ve been striving for and she helped me put into perspective why it was so important and how to align them even more to my Divine gifts.  She also supported me with details about who I truly am that helps me understand my Soul essence, my Soul’s purpose and how I can step into this for myself and for helping others too!  Thank you!

Anne-Marie Lerch

Before working with Christina, I felt like my practical side and my creative side were at odds. What I THOUGHT I should be doing and what I WANTED to do just couldn’t come together. I LOVED the reading. Everything Christina mentioned was dead on. I got so much clarity on life and business, including how to accept my way of thinking as a gift.  What would I say to someone considering working with Christina? I’d say what’s taking you so long?

Tami Cunningham

I’m a cautious believer in matters of spirituality and intuition, but Christina immediately made me feel at ease with her process. Her assessment of what’s been happening in my life and how it affected me were extremely accurate. She helped me understand what it all meant and offered extremely practical advice to help me move past it.

Since our reading, I’ve seen some shifts in my relationships, my business and my finances. Christina gave me clarity around the things I needed to let go, where I needed to focus and how I could nurture my personal growth. I highly recommend her readings for those looking for clear guidance and no-nonsense advice on how to move forward.

Sophie Bujold

Online Communications Strategist,

Hello, I’m Christina!
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Christina Ambubuyog is the creator of I Love Intuition where she helps ambitious and soulful women strengthen and trust their intuition and creativity to live their purpose.  As a psychic, Spiritual teacher, certified coach, artist, and speaker, Christina integrates creativity, energy techniques, and playfulness as the secret sauce to her programs, to bring out your inner wisdom and align to your truth.

Christina has worked with over a thousand clients nationally and internationally through private intuitive readings, intuition coaching, events, and workshops to individuals as well as organizations such as United Way, Vistage, Lululemon, and Neiman Marcus.  She has been a featured speaker at TEDx Fremont East Women.  Her artwork and custom painted murals decorate homes and businesses throughout the country.

Christina received her Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Multimedia from Columbia College Chicago, graduated from the Invision Clairvoyant and Energy Healing Program, is a Certified Life and Spiritual Coach through the International Coach Academy and a Certified Akashic Records practitioner.

She loves to spend her time painting, exploring the outdoors, and traveling incessantly with her love.