These past two weeks have been a bit hectic on the home front. First the entire plumbing system had to be redone due to some faulty equipment that was used and so the builders replaced the system… a bit chaotic I must say. It looked like the movie ET with all the plastic hanging from the ceilings and what not. A wall in my art studio was ripped open and so I used this opportunity to repaint and renovate my studio.

Oh these bright ideas I come up with 🙂 Although a necessary feat to jump into since I had purchased some new equipment and without a doubt needed space to be housed comfortably in, it has been a bit trying at times. As I lovingly painted my new tables today in a high gloss white, accepting the cold and cough that has also manifested due to a shift in energy and listening to Swank Society play Off the Wall, I came to the realization of this explosion of old energy that has suddenly been released in my life. Many times during a major shift there tends to be a physical aspect that goes along with that, in my case this form of renovation entropy that has occurred in relation to the various facets in my life all trying to converge into one.

I feel this temporary physical disarray of books on the bedroom floor (and Lord knows I have a library of books), easel in the laundry room, bookcases in the guest rooms, files, art supplies and knick knacks sprinkled throughout the house is a reflection of the disorder that has been going on in my mind. Everything that I’ve been working on within and outside of myself all mumble jumbled in my brain… a slew of stellar dreams, hearty aspirations, monumental ideas all have been displayed throughout my home for me to observe as I steadily navigate the maze of memoirs that make up the person I used to be, who I am now and how I can be mindful of the authentic choices I make for my tomorrows.

Aware of this transition in my life… grateful for the many insights this desert valley has offered my soul, bringing me back to me. Awakening the artist within, heightening my intuitive abilities, embarking on a path I never even knew existed and affirming service and purpose in my life.
I have this Salvador Dali mouse pad with a quote from the master himself “The true painter is capable of painting extraordinary scenes in the middle of an empty desert.”
Everyday I see this… and today as I write and stare at this quote, I am enlightened with knowing the magnificence in creating whatever we want in our lives with our own two hands. Magic. Manifestation. Creation. Wonder. Conceive masterpieces in our daily lives literally out of emptiness. Ooooooh, it just makes so much sense! Thank you Dali for your much needed message right this very moment. The desert has taught me so much.

In this learning comes a flux of feeling uncomfortably brand new, yet being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Uncomfortable in the shift of shining that much brighter in my next steps on life’s graceful journey. The past week has been full of tests. A Universe whom I surrender and trust shows me signs of greatness, alignment, love and enchantment, illustrating a new path seemingly in sync with my heart, leaving me at times unsure of my decisions, doubting of my strengths and abilities. With these tests I remember to just listen. Listen with inner ears. Sitting in my heart. Experiencing peace in knowing that sometimes the best decision is to not make a decision at all. To know that all my answers are to be revealed in Divine Order.

This physical renovation in its topsy-turviness is essential for me to start anew. A rebirth into an aspect of me where I feel it’s all finally coming together… at least for now 😛 I can start in a fresh new space that brings forth a whole new wave of inspiration!
My art, readings, book, spiritual coaching, creative workshops, transformational retreats… it’s all intertwining in a way that I’ve never expected it to in my life… yet I am so blessed because it all feels so right. Pieces of my puzzle interlocking, swiftly unveiling the beauty of a Spiritual being embracing this physical lifetime.

I’m thrilled for my studio to come together and am definitely running out of patience and tired of tripping on things all over the place. I am able to simplify, rid myself of old energies that are no longer serving and make room for new energies to come into fruition. But for now, in the eye of the storm is the stillness and space to observe what is happening around me. To see me from a higher perspective and just bee.

Love and Light! Namaste!