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Happy Birthday to ME! Weeeeee!  I am 34 years young today.

I am celebrating my birthday weekend by going to the Monster Truck Jam! Yes, you read that right.  It’s literally been a dream of mine to go for years and sure enough, on my birthday weekend they happen to have one going on. Thank you Universe!

Last night as I was going to bed I thought I’d run a little birthday special. 30 minute intuitive readings for $34 (regular $100) and it’s only available to the first 34 people who sign up!

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I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and reflected on the past year, where did my 33rd year go?  And where am I going next as I turn 34?

Flashes of my past went across my face from childhood to adolescence to now.  Ten years ago, 24 years young, I was teaching high school in Chicago, painting murals and dancing.  I was giving clairvoyant readings and feeling the urge to reinvent myself and move to a new city.  I listened to that calling.

Lived in Tucson.  Now in Vegas.  Closed an old business.  Launched a new one.  Buried dead dreams. Painted new ones.  Traveled to gorgeous lands.  Learned receptivity, living in the flow, and being supported.   My life has evolved spiritually, emotionally and physically.   I’ve died and been reborn over and over again, continuously embarking on new experiences for myself.

Each endeavor calls for reinvention.

To reinvent is to make new.  Scrap the old and start fresh.  Transform.  Give birth.  Revive your Soul.

Growth guides me.  And with growth comes reinvention. You can’t rock new skin when the old just doesn’t fit.

Life, your body, and Soul feels tight, constricted, itchy, and restless.

I asked myself what is it that keeps me going, because there are days when I question the path I have chosen and that has chosen me.  Having your own business, being purposeful, committing to living in Spirit, practicing love, forgiveness and compassion has not been an easy road.  But it has gifted me with the spark to continuously grow and stretch beyond my comfort zone.

You define you.  The life you live is by your design.  Your choices, actions, words, thoughts you think can be consciously created.

When you believe in yourself, have fierce faith, trust your gut no matter what, use your inner and outer resources, and take authentic action, the odds are always in your favor.

My bestie gave me those tulips in the photo above.  Notice how they’re all wild and swirly blooming in their own direction.  Flowers trust. Nature knows.  We all have our own inner compass that always seeks the light.  Let that shine within you and grow when called to grow.

And when pondering what’s next in your life, ask this.

What experience do you want to have in your life?   And how do you have to reinvent yourself in order to make that happen?

Thank you for being with me for another birthday celebration.  I am grateful for you.

Lots of love to you.


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