For so many years I’ve wanted to shave my head… it’s something I’ve talked about for so long, even when I was still living in Chicago, ask my BFF Natalie, she can attest to the yearnings of a shaved head. But there was always a hesitancy to it because of the attachment I had to my hair and how that created the perception of who I was to the world. I used to have hair that touched my waist, long flowing locks that I just LOVED!

Long locks and living in Tucson, Arizona

It kept me warm, cozy and there was this sexual energy to having gorgeous thick black locks… it made me feel like a woman, a Fairy, a Goddess, people would ask to touch it, feel it, tell me how beautiful it was and it heightened my sense of confidence, defining who I was and who I was trying to be.

It became a trademark for my own personal sense of beauty, it held so much energy of a decade. A decade filled of extreme darkness, elevated bliss, endless searching and paramount growth.

My hair travelled with me, camping cross country, backpacking in Spain, snorkeling in Philippines and surfing in Hawaii, moving from Chicago to Tucson to Vegas. It’s been through circles of friends, numerous boyfriends, and a wedding! Ha! Various calculated hairstyles have served in the role as daughter, sister, friend, teacher, student, artist, muralist, designer, dancer, globe-trekker, psychic, healer, life coach, me.

There are so many what if’s we love to entertain when pushing past our comfort zones, moving beyond our own fears and self imposed limitations. I found myself wrapping my head around these what if’s every time I contemplated on shaving my head, then realized it truly isn’t that big of a deal. My hair grows back. It’s always in a constant state of growth, just like Spirit and just like change.

Welcoming in a new decade, at the same time I’ve moved into my 30’s, and stepping out of Saturn’s Return has stirred up feelings to just let the past go. To shed many false beliefs and attachments of who I made myself up to be, who I was pretending to be and just being me.

Since my hair was such a magnet for so much energy it felt natural to let it go. Pushing past fears of being seen, expressing my heart and soul and embracing every facet of my own unique being, shadow sides and all.


A time to reveal, a way to open up to who I am and shining from inner beauty, authenticity, confidence and courage, illuminating the light that comes from within.


I did a lot of hiding the past ten years, hiding from my creativity, hiding from my natural gifts, talents, hiding from my self worth and deservingness and the past several years have been truly transformational. I’ve grown into who I always was, allowing my inner child to play and love with no limits, owning my Goddess energy, harnessing both the feminine and masculine within, coming full circle to a more elevated consciousness of self.

Define my own sexy fierceness through taking flight in my power, passions and truths. Life is abundance. Spirit is magnificent. And I’m a co creator in that magic!

Embodying the next steps in evolution… on January 1, 2010, with a deep breath, a quiet meditation, Dave and I turned up the music and laughed as I took the clippers to my head. Aaaaaah! Freedom. Elation. Expansion. Loving me for me.

Enjoy the pics 🙂 The video that I took was erased, unfortunately… but these serve the purpose just as perfectly!

Smile, luckily I’ve been prepping myself by cutting my hair shorter with each visit to the salon!

Feeling funny against my head! LOL!

And there it goes!

Half way there!

Dave helping me even it all out, he’s been wanting me to shave my head forever! It’s nice having moral support 🙂

Tada! Feeling Fresh!

Enjoying the new do at Tao 🙂
 Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance! Namaste!