It was raining in the desert and reminded me of the song “Missing” by Everything But The Girl. A memory came to mind. My niece was 8 years old. It was 2010 and shortly after her father suddenly passed away.

We were shopping and walked into the Ralph Lauren store. She placed her hand on a table of sweaters and said, “This is paw’s favorite store.” 

After she said that, “Missing” started playing on the speakers. I started singing along and my niece’s eyes lit up and said, “This is paw’s favorite song!” He sings it to me and shared with me the way they would sing it together. 

With tears in my eyes, I knelt down in front of her and I said, “He’s singing it to you right now. This is a message from paw’s Spirit.”

She smiled and got really excited. I told him hello and let him know his baby girl is doing well and that we all miss him. 

Our loved ones send us messages from the other side in all kinds of ways. 

Music is one of them. 

When my Tito (uncle) passed away, Paul and I were traveling in the Dominican Republic at the time. I got the news on a bus ride into Santo Domingo. We visited the Basilica Cathedral of Santa María la Menor and I sat, meditated, and prayed for my uncle’s soul.

I also asked for him to give me a physical sign that he is at peace and that we can all be at peace with his passing. Right when I walked out the wooden doors, at my feet, was a large white feather.

I knew it was a sign from my Tito. I felt a softness in my bones as the feeling of peace moved through me. I picked up the feather, said hello to my uncle and thanked him for his presence in my life and to continue to watch over me. 

Feathers are another way loved ones connect with us from the other side. 

When my Lola passed away when I was 8 years old, she visited me in my dreams. It was a beautiful dream of her at the front step of our home hovering, smiling, glowing and telling me she was all good.

I woke up with a deep knowing that she was and that we are always connected even in the beyond. 

Dreams give us the space to connect with the afterlife. 

While visiting the Philippines over a decade ago, I was sitting outside in a garden, painting, and taking in the beautiful air. I remember asking my ancestors to show me their presence.

In a few minutes a beautiful butterfly kept circling around me while I painted. I knew they were there, embracing me in our land and loving me. 

Butterflies, dragonflies, bees, or insects offer messages from the other side.

Staying open, asking for a sign, and allowing it to surprise you is key in receiving these messages.

 What kinds of signs have you received from loved ones on the other side? Do share your beautiful stories below!

Big love,