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My voice took a vacation because I needed to return back to self.

A full fledged month of traveling from coast to coast, managing a huge move, and launching Ignite Your Intuition left me with a raspy voice, icky cough, and low immune system Saturday.  By Sunday, I was unable to speak and the doctor ordered that I must not even whisper.

So silence it is.  Going on day 5 of barely any talking and a ton of rest, it’s been me, myself, and my inner voice.

I surrendered to what is and found solace in the lessons of receptivity, trust, and support once again.

Here’s what my week of silence has shared with me, that I now share with you…

Savor the love that surrounds you.
Without a voice, I am left to listen and feel.  And I have been feeling with my heart and body, sensing the changes I’ve gone through, the growth that’s happened, and the love that continues to enter in my life.

I’ve been melting into this love, not having to speak it but to embrace it and be it.

Celebrate small steps to big dreams. 
Pivots and pirouettes have been the theme this entire year.  There have been grand ideas that lost their fire only to spark fresh dreams and more fulfilling ways of living.  Intuition happens in real time and course corrections are needed.

Each choice in this journey has brought me to a place where dreams are real and more to be had.  I spent a good part of a day laying in bed just reveling in celebration… even when every part of me wished I could speak and get on with it, I took inventory of the good, bad and ugly and loved it all.

Less hustle, more flow. 
I’m a hustler.  I’ve spent years slanging lap dances, a life that very few know what it means to sell everything you got.  So if you think you can hustle, try doing it in nothing but 6-inch stilettos and a barely there bikini.

Intuitive living is about grace, allowing, and authentic action, not hard pushes and striving yourself into exhaustion.  The hustler in me needed to go hush for a bit… literally.

Receive and breathe.
As much as I talk about receiving, I have to admit that I’m not always so good at it.  I’m a do it myself kinda Goddess, probably because I’m a total control freak and because sometimes I think “it’ll be faster if I just handle it myself.”  Wrong.  It’s wiser that I handle what I’m great at and leave the rest to be taken care of those who’s genius it belongs to.  Delegating is the way to go.

Find the cracks and fortify your foundation.
In what areas of your life are you letting important pieces fall through the cracks?  Not making time for your kiddos or saying you’ll workout tomorrow?  Inspect your life and set your foundation right.

Create meaningful structures and systems that allow for more freedom and for you to shine in your brilliance even more.  This is something I’m definitely working on in several areas – including my money, relationship, and business.  And damn does it feel gooood!

Get silent and go within.  What does silence has to share with you today?

I’ve learned that often times we must go silent to hear our intuition, and so I invite you on a creative and liberating adventure where you’ll learn how to listen to your inner voice, take authentic action, and unleash your Soul essence in Ignite Your Intuition.

It’s a 6 week journey, unlike any other and you’ll receive ton of personal support directly from me, intuitive guidance to help you stay focused and clear, and a sacred circle for you to let your light truly shine!  We begin this Monday so save your seat today!

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy, and abundance. Namaste!