We each have our own unique recipe that nourishes our spirit and by indulging in this comfort food we nurture our soul in ways that allows us to be fully present in the body and in the moment. It is imperative for us to take the time to nurture the spirit and connect within. By connecting and knowing your own spirit first furthers the connection to the spirit that’s all around us gradually building awareness to the messages of the Universe (as well as our Spirit Guides and Angels). One thing I’ve observed through my readings is the lack of those that take the time to connect with their spirit. To ask “How does my spirit feel today and what can I offer my spirit to empower it’s loving energy?” Some people know exactly what makes them feel at peace within and many other’s suffer from the mentality of undeservingness and unworthiness and tend to feel guilty when they take the time to nurture themselves.

But how can we be of service to others when we cannot serve our spirit first???

When we ignore our spirit’s innate needs then we slowly starve ourselves, becoming detached and uninvolved in life… just going about the daily motions rather than living it with enthusiasm and enjoyment!
I’ve come to a gentle knowing of my own soul foods, one of them being art (obviously) – I crave the process of creation, when my hands are covered in paint, chalk, charcoal etc I am most happiest. I enter an intense meditative state losing track of all space and time and then find myself coming out of it many hours later having to remind myself that I need to eat or even sleep if its 3 a.m. When I enter this flow I am truly present with myself, enjoying the colors I’m working with, watching the thoughts in my mind, having conversations with my guides and my higher self, infusing my artwork with positive energies and just painting along. I like to be alone when I’m painting… when I was in high school I would lock myself in my room not wanting to be bothered… the process still remaining similar today. I tend to listen to ambient music and recently I’ve discovered audio books which I am so ecstatic about because I get to read and paint at the same time which is absolutely life saving for me!

Not only do I love the process of creation but I love going to museums and galleries and I really appreciate unique design especially with furniture and interiors. I find myself in amazement with other people’s creative ideas and thought processes becoming inspired with new ideas and then antsy to go home and start creating.

Another soul food I indulge in is travelling and nature. I love new adventures and the outdoors, the expansiveness of the land and I always feel at home when I am in nature. I enjoy communicating with all the plants and animals and receiving their fun messages – so much synchronicity happens when I’m in nature and it never ceases to excite me. And I love sunsets! I have so many photos I’ve taken of miraculous sunsets… it reminds me that change is always constant and so while in the awe of the wondrous colors gradually shifting from moment to moment, I am changing with each moment as well. I am eased into the Universe’s flow with a breathtaking sunset.

I also feed myself with books – 99.9% being non fiction and I told myself to start reading more novels… it’s just I love information and learning new things so that I can integrate new thoughts and ideas into my life. Fine dining is another luxury I relish in… food is an art to me and so it’s an overall experience engaging all the senses from the crafty presentations, myriad of flavors and enticing aromas all encompassed with lovely company and lighthearted conversations. Yay!

Take a moment today and ask yourself “How can I feed my spirit? What does my spirit crave?”

And go for it! It doesn’t have to be elaborate but something that makes you feel alive and tingly to be in your skin 🙂 Pay close attention to your daily life and see what brings you pleasure and a sense of ease. Maybe it’s laughing with some co-workers or when you are unlocking the front door to your home and entering a familiar space brings you that sense of peace within. Note what engages you fully and be honest with your needs and the sensitivities of your spirit.

It is that honesty, whether you embrace elegant fabrics or intense morning workouts, that allows you to give to yourself and savor that distinct recipe your soul desires!