Are you taking the time to get in touch with what your Soul is craving for today?

Your Soul loves to grow and expand.  If you’re not giving the nourishment she needs, then you’re left feeling depleted, disenchanted and disconnected from your intuition, the present moment and the joy of life.

Letting yourself indulge in your Soul’s desires creates intimacy with your body and connection to your higher self and Spirit.

I’m taking you on a journey in today’s video around my Las Vegas hood to show you 3 ways you can start feeding your Soul too!

Oh and peep how I honor Mr. Rogers!  Won’t you be my neighbor?



Please tell me in the comments below, what is the one way you will give yourself some delicious mouthwatering Soul food today?  And if you have any tips for others and ways we can all feed our Spiritual nature, please let us know.


Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance!  Namaste!