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“I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” Anais Nin

I spent a week in the beginning of November in Kauai participating and co-leading at the Mermaid Retreat created by the gorgeous Goddess Christabel Zamor.  It was a luscious experience in the transformative energies of Kauai.  Mother Kauai is the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain at 5 million years old.  She represents the 6th chakra carrying the consciousness for transformation and clarity, giving you exactly what you need to elevate you on your next level of Spiritual growth.

In truth, she’s intense. She holds the ability to bring to surface everything that no longer serves you, bringing you right to the edge of your creative power and next steps then caressing you in her nurturing love and beauty as you dive deeper into your purpose.

The theme was Divine Feminine Leadership and we spent 7 days sharing a beautiful home indulging in playshops, yoga, NIA, breathwork, the beach, sound healings, and various excursions.  There was much that transformed over the week and I feel I am still integrating all that has occurred.

Today I feel guided to share with you five soulful insights that are currently being revealed (as I know there will be more to come) about what it means to be a Mermaid through the experiences I had learned at my time there.

1. Embracing the depths of your pain, sadness and grief.


I have been going through some major changes in my life including a divorce that just happened over the past several weeks.  It has been immensely emotional to say the least and in the midst of the unraveling I know in my heart that it was authentic to both our paths and feel an underlying peace amongst the crashing waves of change.  

During Mermaidia I had a beautiful space to just grieve, shed waterfalls of tears and feel the gravity of emotions that ran through my body.  To feel deeply into the depths of your pain creates paths of courage, moves stuck energy and gifts you with the capacity to feel the ecstasy of joy, happiness and love at the highest levels.  Cultivate a love for the dark sides of your emotions knowing that the deeper you go, the brighter you shine.

2. Indulge in your sensuality, femininity and radiant beauty.


Aaaah there is something just oh so juicy about being a woman. A Goddess.  A Mermaid.  We love to love deliciously.  We can cuddle up with each other, provide nurturing words of wisdom and listen with open and forgiving hearts.  During Tantric Dance sessions under the glistening stars, we let the fiery and fierce out as well as the lustful and loving sides of us be seen.  Freedom coursed through my veins as I delved into sensing the Goddessness of my body.  

Make love to yourself daily by pampering your body temple with gentle caressing, wild dancing, poetic singing, and saying I Love You to you.  What makes you feel sensual, sexual, pleasurable and heavenly?  Nourish yourself in that.

3. Melt into the arms of support.


I believe the biggest gift I received was the feeling of unconditional love and support.  Upon meeting each Mermaid, I immediately I felt loved for just being me, even if they didn’t know anything about me.  And I loved giving support and learning about each Mermaid and their stories, experiences, dreams and desires.  We shared tons of laughter, tears, adventures, hugs, kisses and soulfully connected.  

There was a sacred space of safety initially created and we all were able to add to that sacredness with our compassionate and empathic hearts.  I’m feeling the need to create more of this kind of high level support system and community in my life and continue to let myself receive.  We are not meant to fulfill our purpose alone.  Make sure you have a strong foundation of kindred spirits where you can lean on each other and help each other soar to new heights.

4. Honor your truth. Speak your truth. And be vulnerably honest.


There were days that I wanted to curl up in a ball and just hide.  I felt way too seen in a home full of powerful woman.  And with raw and tender emotions I was handling, there were times when I didn’t want to show the deep sadness I was feeling afraid to be a dark cloud on a sunny island day.

Yet what I learned was to honor my truth, give voice to it and be vulnerable with every facet emotion I was feeling.  I engaged in the experiences when I was feeling called to engage, ask for what I needed and take time alone when that was most needed.  I am feeling these new levels of self responsibility as I am back in Las Vegas, ready to embark into 2013 in a whole new way.  Pay attention to those times when you are taking actions against what you feel you need at the moment.  Say yes to your truth without apology but rather with commitment and purpose.

5. Leading a Divinely Blissful Life Requires Commitment.


Living a life you love takes whole hearted commitment.  To know what aligns, doesn’t align and to have the courage to let go of the dissonant in order to step into what ignites your Soul.  It’s not always the easy path, but it is the most fulfilling because you get to design a life you truly adore.

If you want what you truly want then so much has to shed in order to receive what you so desire.  Commit to your heart, your soul, your purpose and passions every single day.  Some days are easier than others, but when you focus on a higher way of being, your Divine path is always revealed.

As more revelations surface, I will share with you the transmissions of my life as a Mermaid Goddess.  I feel blessed I was able to be a participant and teacher, sharing intuitive gifts with everyone and to deepen my connection to self through the teachings of the other leaders.

But for now, be willing to dive into the depths of your Soul.  A Mermaid thrives in the richness of what’s underneath the surface.

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance. Namaste!