Does this sound familiar…

I’m confused if I should continue in this relationship or not.

I’m confused as to what business I should start.

I’m confused about what my purpose is.

I’m confused about who I am.

We all get ourselves into a sticky state of confusion.  I found myself going through various states of this all week.

I’m confused as to what color I want to paint my meditation room.

I’m confused about where we should travel to next year.

I’m confused about when to launch the next Ignite Your Intuition course.

I’m confused about what to write to you today.

Being in confusion can send you into more confusion because you get stuck in the spiral of not knowing.  For some, it’s safe to not know rather than having full clarity of knowing.

By knowing where to go or what’s next, there is a way out.

But don’t we want a way out of being confused?  Of course!  But fear holds us back.  Or too many choices. Or too many people’s opinions in our head.

Plus, a way out requires necessary action to move into what you do want.  This action may mean you have to get out of your own comfort zone.  And that’s uncomfortable.  So confusion becomes the answer.

Stop the confusion by stop saying I’m confused.

Stop saying I don’t know what to do.

Focus on your light. Breathe in your essence.  Be clear about what you DO KNOW.

Remember, your Soul always knows.  Bring it’s knowing to the light.  Tweet this!

And claim your desires.  Claim your clarity.

I know I am radiant.

I know I love art.

I know I want to wander through century old ruins and feel the forces of creativity from humans long ago.

I know when I give, I feel purposeful.

I know when I receive, I feel purposeful.

I know that when I can express my feelings with honesty and be heard then I feel safe in a relationship.

Write it down.  Say it out loud.  Take your mind off of what you don’t know into what you do.

The answer you seek to what you’re confused about, will find it’s way to your heart.