If you’ve ever heard other people tell you “Stop being so sensitive” or “Geez you’re so damn sensitive” and felt bad about it, then you know how confusing it can feel to “feel.”

Being “sensitive” has had such a negative connotation to it, as if sensitivity is bad, shameful, or makes you powerless.

I’ve noticed that the majority of the people I’ve worked with have been extremely sensitive as children.  They were extremely emotional (even moody), could feel other people’s energies whether they were sad, upset, or happy and it affected them greatly, would know things intuitively about somebody, and we’re often told they were sensitive.

As children we didn’t have tools to manage our sensitivities and were either shamed from our family or friends for being overly sensitive.  This may have caused us to shut down or dismiss our ability to feel energetically and intuitively.

Rather than one’s sensitive nature is nurtured as a gift, I’ve seen the shame of sensitivity channeled into becoming a bully, overly controlling, perfectionist, hermit, or a disempowered victim in order to not feel or to mask their sensitivity in some way.

Your feelings and sensitivity are a gift.  Say yes to this part of you. Tweet this!

You’re a natural listener, compassionate, creative, observant, empathic, and in touch with your emotions.

Martin Luther King, Frida Kahlo, Mother Theresa, and Albert Einstein (amongst many other notable leaders) have all found ways to embrace their ability to feel and be moved deeply by their sensitivity in order to express themselves in unique and highly respectable ways.

Trusting your intuition is all about opening the doors to being sensitive to the energies that are all around you.

As you embrace this part of you, you automatically strengthen your intuition.

So let yourself feel.

Experience your emotions.

Cry if you need to.

Give your intuition a voice and speak it out loud.

Have supportive friends who “get” you.

Take quiet time for yourself so you can rejuvenate your energy.

And by managing your energy, your sensitivity doesn’t have to be overwhelming or overbearing but gives you the upper hand because you can relate to others in a soulful and heartfelt way.

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