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If you’re unsure about whether or not your intuition is speaking to you or you’re just making things up, test-driving your intuition is a great to build that trust between you and your inner voice.

Before you make a big purchase like a car, you always want to test drive it right?  Well that’s the same with your intuition.  Before you begin truly going with your gut on big, hairy decisions, you want to make sure you’re comfortable with using your intuition for everyday decisions.

Here are two of my favorite and easy ways of getting to know your intuition.  The key to all of them is to get the guidance, take immediate action, and watch for the results.

1.  Before you eat, ask your body what it needs to be nourished for optimal and vibrant health.  Give yourself space and silence to listen to what your bodies needs.  Make your meal and pay attention to how your body feels when eating and also how it feels throughout the day.  Notice your energy levels and the physical strength of your body when you do this.

Remember, your body acts as an intuitive antennae and the more your get to know what it needs, the better you can be present with it and open up to intuitive guidance.

2.  When you have a question about what direction or choice you need to make.  Now if you’re in the test-driving stage here, you want to go with less riskier decisions, nothing too high stakes here.   A decision like which new restaurant should I try this weekend is something that’s won’t be you out if you decide the restaurant wasn’t all that.

Sift through your options and ideas and then put those mentally aside.  Take a deep breath in and ask your intuition to give you insight on which direction is most aligned to your highest path and purpose.  Allow for the answer to emerge – this can come up as words, an image, a specific feeling, or just a knowing.  Imagine yourself making that choice and notice if your body feels expansive and light.  This is a positive sign your intuition is guiding you in the right direction.

Now go on and start test-driving your intuition right away!