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True freedom comes from within. And the #1 barrier to creating this true freedom in your life is rooted in how you view the world. Your view of the world is based upon your choice to perceive every aspect of your life through the eyes of freedom or through the eyes of confinement. If you are giving up your sense of freedom based upon other people or your current circumstances then you are taking away your own ability to be free.

Freedom lies in the choices that you give yourself and when you choose to have a lack of choices in your life then it will create a block in your ability to receive intuitive flow. Embodying freedom is a necessity when it comes to accessing your inner guidance. By choosing moment by moment to be free through your reactions, responses, feelings and attitude you are living in a joyful process of moving freely from one step into the next step on your journey. Feeling trapped creates a lack in opportunities, abundance and direction.

I’d like to share with you my own personal experience of how I was able to create freedom in my body. When I was eleven years young I had an extreme case of scoliosis which resulted in corrective spinal surgery. My entire spine is fused (except for waist and neck) and I now have a stainless steel rod that runs down my spine. For a very long time I felt limited with the things I could do in my body.

I was an avid gymnast when I was a kid and when that ability to do handsprings and back bends went out the door I felt like I couldn’t do anything that I wanted to. That belief created many fears and limitations in my life, especially when it came to doing physical activities. But my focus was on what I can’t do rather on what I can do.

Today I focus on how blessed I am to be able to walk, be as flexible in the areas of my spine I can move, practice yoga, and every single day fully feel my body with freedom of movement. And something that’s really miraculous is the area of my spine that is fused actually grew according to my x-rays and my doctor was quite shocked about how that was able to happen. I believe that happened due to my choice of seeing myself as flexible and free!

Claiming your freedom is owning your power of free will in your life. It is your birthright, and freedom can be experienced by everyone. In order to create more freedom in your life, begin to notice where you are free in your life and how you claim that freedom as yours. Don’t put your focus on the areas where you aren’t free or you will create more of that in your own life. Remember energy flows where attention goes.

Try this simple exercise to release any barriers you may have to accessing true freedom:

  • Think about a current situation where you aren’t feeling free or you are experiencing a lack of choices. Without any judgment, notice what beliefs you have about this situation, any images, feelings or thoughts that come up for you.
  • Taking in a deep cleansing breath, begin to move into your heart allowing your intuition to open up and ask yourself, “How can I have freedom in this area of my life?” Allow any answers or guidance to reveal itself to you. Begin to claim your freedom by affirming to yourself your ability to choose freedom in this area of your life.
  • Now move into focusing on all the areas of your life where you are free. Free to walk outside your door, free to call your best friend, free to sing in your car… you get the idea.  Breathe in this energy of your freedom allowing it to encompass throughout your entire body and expand this energy out. Connect to your Spirit’s own natural freedom and power.

Begin to open up the gateways of freedom by choosing liberation rather than limitations. If you are ready to move beyond barriers then Contact me to discuss how my programs can move you into the freedom of being on purpose and claiming your soul’s compass.