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“The Alchemist” By Paulo Coelho.

I’m unable to recall how this beautiful story first came upon my life… but I do know it was almost 10 years ago… maybe even more than 10 years ago. Since then it has been a story that I have gifted to many kindred spirits whether they have appeared in my life for a mere fleeting moment or years by my side. My own original copy was given to a friend years ago and since then I haven’t read it… bits and pieces when I see a copy of it somewhere but it’s been a while.

Back in January The Alchemist was coming up in various texts and conversations. I knew it was a sign but ended up delving into another one of his works “Warrior of the Light: A Manual” and found it to be quite appropriate in where I was on my own path. A few weeks ago I picked up another copy of The Alchemist and just read it the other day. It felt brand new to me yet so familiar and I was reminded of so many connections this book brings into my life.
The language speaks to me on a much deeper level than when I had originally read it and I am able to see how many layers of illusions I have penetrated in this lifetime bringing me closer to truth.

There is a universal language. A spirit that moves within in us, through us, among us, above us and below us. We are all connected. When we listen to this language we live intuitively throughout life. Following the omens, the signs, the hunches that lead us in the right direction.
We must surrender to listening. Then following the guidance of spirit… of the universe, of God. Stepping aside to allow this language to come through and guide us towards our Personal Legend.

Maktub: It is Written. The tapestry of life… intricate in its beauty of the many paths intersecting to create distinct patterns in our lives leading us to various intersections – choosing to create the same pattern or opt for another color in the tapestry and lead into a new design of one’s own choice. Intuition speaks what is already written. It is whether or not we have the courage to surrender to Maktub… to know that we are safe in not knowing.

One thing I understood this time around is by being clairvoyant I am able to tap into what is Maktub… into what is written. I connect to this universal language of the soul and see what really is. It’s communication as spirit to spirit connecting us as one. To be able to see what is in the present leads us into the best direction for the future.

The journey of life brings us all the experiences that leads us in obtaining our treasure that lies within. We have all the answers. It’s just the ability to awaken and listen to these answers in our hearts.

I love this story. The Soul Knows. The Heart Speaks. Love Is.