I just returned from San Francisco for another 3 Day Event hosted by Bill Baren and Patrick Dominguez called The Big Shift Experience. And I sure experienced some BIG SHIFTS indeed!

It’s so important for me to continue to grow and expand so that I can be of service more and more to you and those I am meant to serve through my business. So investing in myself are essential for me to remain anchored in my purpose. I received some magical insights that allowed me to dig deeper into areas that I have merely just scratched the surface of.

It’s been a theme for me to integrate the deeper canyons of my own personal experiences, be vulnerable and seen in a way that allows my own challenging experiences be the true teachings and lessons that create the greatest transformation for my clients. Through those challenges and who I have become because of that is what infuses the work that I do with power, authenticity and magic. Oh and its all coming together so miraculously, I just feel really blessed.

Here I am sharing my “BIG SHIFTS” with Bill Baren (left) and smiling with my amazing friend Patrick Dominguez (right).  These two men embody the truth of what it means to be a heart centered entrepreneur and I truly admire what they’re creating for our community 🙂

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance! Namaste!