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I took these pictures of our cloud covered mountains in the desert yesterday. As I marvelled at the beautiful sky I imagined that I was in the Himalayas. The mountainscapes looked like photos I have seen of the Himalayas and so I felt my spirit travel there for a moment to connect with its grand energy and bring it right back here to Vegas. The air was a crisp cool with the smell of rain and I felt very blessed to experience such a gorgeous sky!

It’s funny, I truly enjoy when the clouds decide to play above the desert valley… its such a rare scene to happen here that when it does I get very excited in the change of atmosphere. In Chicago, the days change drastically, one day its gloomy, the next its sunny. I have the opposite effect here that I did in Chicago, when it’s a clear blue sunny sky in the Chi, I radiate at the rare occasion… and here, when it’s cloudy and a bit gloomy I exude the same excitedness. The constant clear sunny skies (and I’m definitely not complaining) can be predicting and when we’re hit with change… its exciting! I love it! And it adds to the beauty of the sunsets with fire colored clouds streaking thru the air 🙂

In celebration of this Himalayan like day, Dave and I ate at the Himalayan Cuisine on Flamingo just West of Swenson. It was out first time eating there, although we’ve passed it several times but I guess we were inspired by the beautiful sky 🙂 The food was delicious, a blend of Nepali, Indian, and Tibetan foods. I had the veggie Malai Kofta, some Naan, and Dave ate the Chicken Vindaloo. YUMMMM! It’s definitely a must go and they have a great variety of vegetaraian dishes, which is all I ate 🙂 So go! Be blessed for the opportunity to taste spice filled cuisine from our Himalayan friends.