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Have you ever been in so much pain that it actually felt good? I know that may sound a little crazy but most often we avoid any form of pain like the plague, especially emotional pain. Which is why our society has a purple, orange, blue and rainbow pill to deal with anxiety, depression, and any kind “negative” emotion. Going into the dark sides of our emotions isn’t glamorous at all, nor is it easy.

It takes some serious inner power and strength to explore the innermost depths of our being. And because you’re an ILI reader, I KNOW you’ve got it in ya!

Whether you’re experiencing a loss in the family, the ending of a relationship or you screwed up big time in your business, mishaps and challenges can conjure up a whirlwind of feelings making you want to run for cover.  But when it comes to fully healing emotions, the only way out is through.

Heading straight into the eye of the storm seems counter intuitive right?


Being in the heart of every single emotion deeply, openly and vulnerably strengthens your intuition by becoming in tuned with the subtleties of your feelings. If you tend to avoid the part of you that becomes sad, angry, or hurt then you could be neglecting a key element to living a rich, whole and vibrant life.

In this video, I share with you how my experience of riding the emotional roller coaster through some dismal, dark times is necessary to open up and receive the full, abundant joy that is available to you.

All because my mind’s eye showed me an image of a pendulum… and you’ll see what this has to do with feeling your emotions.

Watch the video to learn how to quickly move through those darker emotions so you can come out a happy Goddess. And believe me, there’s no magic pill for it!

Now let’s get into action!

When was the last time you felt some heavier emotions in your life or business?
What did you do to move through it?
And upon reflection, what is the blessing and joy you received from navigating through rough waters?
Share your wisdom with us below.

And if you’re looking to rev up your inner power so that you have the core strength to handle any kind of challenge and live the life you deserve, then join me for my next teleclass Embody Your Third Chakra: Enhance Personal Power, Confidence and Esteem to Fulfill Your Soul’s Purpose.

We’ll be exploring your third chakra, the center for power and purposeful, aligned action! Ooooh yea!

Here’s all the deets and Save your sacred spot k?

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance! Namaste.