Intuition is organic, fluid, free-flowing.  To awaken your intuition you must also be in this flow.  A simple way to access your intuition is by stepping outdoors and connecting with nature.  Nature is intuitive.  Nature is always in the flow and in balance.  Rivers make their way through mountains, hummingbirds know where to find their nectar, and even recognizing nature’s ability to realign herself through natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes shows the power of her intuition.

Observe how nature just knows and realize that you too also have this intuitive nature, an inner knowing of exactly what needs to be done, where to go and how to make things happen.

Mother Earth provides a gateway for receiving many answers.  Once you connect to the intuitive flow of Mother Earth, you can be one with the answers she provides. Don’t just see nature as merely physical, but feel her, know her, connect with her and remember that Spirit is everywhere.  Spirit is waiting to give you signs, guidance and answers.  Learn to tap into the frequency of her conversation and you will be amazed at all the chatter waiting to be understood.

Try out these fun ways Christina to open up your intuition when outdoors:

  • Lay flat on your back outside on the grass. Or if you’re in the desert like me, lay on a huge slab of desert rock (one of my favorite things to do). Close your eyes and breathe in the earth through your back, your legs, your head, shoulders. Allow this earth energy to clear you of any blocks, any energies that keep you from being connected to your intuition.  Ask Mother Earth for some guidance, and listen to the message that flows through your body.
  • Listen to the birds. Birds chirping is a language of communication.  Part of nature’s music she provides for us.  As I write you this, my window is open and I hear the bird’s singing songs.  Sit outside where you can hear the birds. Ask them a question and pay attention to the message you receive from them.  I’ve had times when I have asked the birds a question and one of them swoops right next to my ear chirping really loud!  Perhaps their message is melodic, or even quick and jumpy.  Notice the feelings you get when you hear their chirping, be open and allow the guidance to come through.
  • Hug a tree. Okay I know what some of you may be thinking, that’s a little too hippy for me! But I tell you, trees are powerful messengers of intuition. If you’re too cool for school, then just sit next to a tree, or lean against one. Trees are anchored right into the Earth, it’s roots going deep into Mother Earth’s heart. Hugging a tree gives you Mother Earth’s heart wisdom, healing energy and dedicated support.  Squeeze the tree and feel its warmth surging through your entire body, clearing you of all you are ready to let go of. Listen to its intelligence as it speaks directly to your intuition, encouraging you along a path that is centered in your truth.

Being out in nature gives you quiet time to clear your mind, listen to your inner voice and be open to new possibilities.  Be present with each step as you take a walk outdoors this week, taking in deep breaths and unite with the magic of your intuitive nature.  Intuition is truly the shortcut to success!