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We got the keys to our brand new home that we built from the ground up on New Years Eve 2013 and we were excited to make it our own. It took a while to get it all furnished and truth be told, we were still putting our finishing touches on the home when we decided to put it on the market to sell this past April.

Moving to Southern California was exciting! A new opportunity for my love’s career opened up but that also meant we had to sell our home. We were really sad since it was our first home together and we really loved the space.

We quickly got the house prepped to go on the market. We received several offers that went through negotiations and didn’t go through. We reached a point after 3 months where we decided to take the house off the market and rent it out. We couldn’t wait any longer and needed to be in California already.

On Friday July 1st we planned on calling our real estate agent to let her know we want to take it off the market. By noon we received a call from a buyer’s agent who wanted to show the house.
We were hesitant to do it since we already made up our mind to rent it out but after we talked we decided let’s just show the house one last time and then be done with it.

Within an hour after they viewed our home, they contacted us with a pretty good offer that was signed by the new buyer at 4:44pm. Yes, the angels were definitely at work! We countered, they accepted, and then we were in contract!

The moment we detached from getting the house sold the moment we received a buyer!

Surrendering the entire process and detaching from the outcome created a release of energy for us.

We were no longer clinging onto the need to sell it and waiting impatiently for someone to come along. We felt solid and certain in our next step of renting the house, which freed up the energy to flow right through.

If you want to manifest something in your life, you have to fully detach from all expectations and be totally okay with whatever happens.

Now this doesn’t mean to throw your hands up in the air and release responsibility and proper action to move forward in the direction you want. But it does mean to be willing to be okay with whatever outcome happens.

Are you willing to have your heart broken to receive the ecstatic love you desire?

Are you willing to experience failures in your business to create the success you desire?

Are you willing to be called someone who is doing the work of the devil to share your psychic gifts out there in the world? (Btw, someone actually told me that the day I launched my first website years ago.)

Are you willing to let go of who you think you are in order to fully step into your Divine self-expression?

Do not be obsessively attached to every specific detail of the entire process and outcome.

Remember the Universe gives you what you need not always what you want.

But if you’re fixated on what you want then you end up future trip pin’ and shutting out the guidance that you may need to get to where you desire to go.

How do you expect to stay open to change, guidance, expansion and freedom when you’re obsessively attached and micromanaging your entire process and outcome?

Solidify your intentions, say it and then hand it over. Detach from the outcome by being willing to both receive and not receive what you want. Then place it in a bubble of light and lift it up to Divine Source.

Big love!
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