Ok, let’s face it. Everyone has a shadow side, those deep dark spaces that you tend to neglect because you don’t want to deal with it. Or most often I hear my clients tell me that they don’t know where to begin or even how to heal it!

But when you neglect an area within your life that is yearning to come to the light, it literally drains you by creating a stagnant pool of energy within your aura and eventually will move into your body, with time creating dis-ease.

I’ll share a little secret with you of an area in my own life I was neglecting. For years I was a “closet psychic”. I would only tell people I was clairvoyant if I thought they would understand me and not think I was crazy. But I was craving to share my gifts of giving intuitive clairvoyant guidance to people more than I was at the time.

You see my friend, I was living in fear of what others would think of me and this neglect of using my gift drained my life force and began affecting me physically. For a whole year I came down with a cold, cough and sinus problems every other month on the dot, like clockwork. After an entire year of this pattern I completely lost my voice. Silence for a week.

If you’re familiar with the chakra system, the energy centers that run along the spine, everything I was experiencing was a neglect of my 5th Chakra. This is the center of communication, clairaudience and self expression. The 5th Chakra is located in the center of your throat, connected to the voice, sinuses, lungs, vocal cords. Yea, interesting how it all correlates.

My Spirit wanted so bad to be in the flow of communicating my truth, expressing my heart’s passion and gifts as a healer and I ignored, neglected and swept these feelings under the rug buried in fear.

In this week of silence, I was able to shine light upon the dark spaces I was neglecting for so long. Embracing these areas is respecting your Soul’s voice, your inner self and giving it the freedom to be seen, healed and move into what your Spirit truly wants for you. And I must tell you, once I cleared that energy, it was a full two years since I had a cold again! Oh and I obviously am no longer a “closet psychic” but happily share what I do with everyone, even when they get a little leery eyed at me 🙂

Learning to transform neglect into self-respect and self-love are key elements to embodying an intuitive lifestyle. The body never lies and your intuition will guide you to the places that need to be welcomed, loved and cared for.

Try this Tool for Transforming Neglect into Self-Respect:

  • Look around your home and find a room or area you have been neglecting. Ask your intuition to reveal to you in what way is this room a reflection of any fears, anxieties or fogginess within yourself.
  • Ask yourself “If I stop neglecting myself and bring love into this space instead, how would my life be different?” Journal your insights allowing your intuition to speak through your pen.
  • Without judgment, breathe in the energy of Divine Love into this area within yourself. Imagine that this energy is embracing and shining into the dark spaces where you are holding any fears, anxieties or fogginess. As you breathe out, let that darkness be lifted away in Divine Love.

Be gentle and compassionate with the shadow sides of you often giving yourself that self-respect and love you deserve. To access my transformation toolbox of ways to transform old energies, patterns, and fully claiming your energy and spirit then you have one more week to join my Meditations for Inner Awareness Tele-Class Series beginning June 3. One of the powerful tools you learn is how to clear your chakras and aura, so you don’t fall into a pattern of sickness like I did and that’s a fraction of what you gain from the course. That tool alone, will empower you with the ability transform any energy! Contact me to enroll today.