I begin to really embody into my soul’s rhythm usually around this time of mid-January. I like to take my time, savor the past year, close it out consciously, and consciously step into the New Year.

It’s been something I’ve noticed about myself upon the New Year. I do get excited with the collective consciousness of setting new intentions and being in the fresh energy of new beginnings.

I also know how important it is to NOT let the collective consciousness interfere with your soul’s knowing.

We can be easily swayed by the ramp up of the New Year that we don’t let ourselves really be in the presence of our own being, our path, and what is meant to unfold for us in the near future.

We can become quick to step it up, move forward, aim high, and go big that has us future trippin’ rather than connecting to the guidance that is being provided here in the now.

Each of our souls has it’s own schedule and rhythm in which we create. There will be times when we’re moving swiftly like a rushing river and other times when our rhythm guides us to float happily down the stream.

You can also think of it as music too, where your rhythm may be a hip-hop drumbeat, a melodic soundscape, or high energy electronica.

What is this year’s rhythm for you?


Last year was a year of stillness and integration.  I admit that the majority of the time it felt like I was hovering in a giant whirlpool going in circles and not feeling like I was moving forward.  I also found myself having to really let go and enjoy a few rapids I had to navigate through.

This year I can sense my Soul is ready for growth. Last year was all about integration. Although moving from Las Vegas to Orange County, California in September was a big change, I’m really just starting to feel the growth of that right now.

The word I had for last year was *Adoration*  (which is also my late grandma’s name).  I wanted to adore my life and myself. And part of exploring what that word meant for me was that I realized I didn’t adore my life in the way that I once did. I didn’t adore myself fully. I was feeling listless and a bit like a zombie at times in my life.

The door opened up to move and I felt that was a gateway of adoration for myself. I found adoration through the fear of letting go of a life I’ve known for eleven years and that I could adore that fear and still move ahead despite the unknown.

I found adoration in what my man and I have created together and continue to create together. We’re meditating together, cooking healthy foods together, having playful adventures together, and really loving each other at such a deeper level.

I found adoration again by calling out what was seriously broken in my life, what wasn’t working, and sneaky ways my ego likes to keep me stuck and stagnant. In that awareness I can move into adoring the creative process of becoming anew and embracing change.

This year my rhythm and energy is feeling called towards growth. There’s a deep desire to shake things up drastically. It’s this same knowing I had when I decided to first try the Insanity workout and commit to it. There was this massive resistance in the form of my ego saying “Oh that kind of workout is so not me!” and then my entire body buzzing with YES go for it!

I’ve started off my growth year by going 100% plant based vegan. My man and I have been binge watching a bunch of food documentaries and made the switch. I’ve already been a veggie + seafood head for past 10 years but this time I’m cutting out all animal products.

I honestly have no clue how long it will last but so far it’s been almost three weeks and I’m feeling amazing. I’ll write more about it once I know how it fits into my overall lifestyle.

Are you sensing that this year is more about integration, a slow and sensual rhythm of creation?

Or are you feeling like it’s time to put on that helmet, strap yourself in and get ready to cruise at high speeds?

Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle?

If you’re not sure, take a moment to tune in. Get quiet and bring your awareness to your root chakra at the base of your spine and your second chakra right beneath your navel.

You can even place your hands there to feel into the rhythm of your body while at the same time opening up your crown chakra to stream in Divine light.

Notice how your body is reacting when you ask to tune into the rhythm of your soul’s journey for this year. For me when I do this, my entire body expands and wants to get up and dance wildly. Last year my body felt still, quiet, and needed to ground in and integrate.

Feel into the subtle movement of energy in your body as if there’s music playing within your hips, yoni, and legs.

How does your body want to move?  What messages are you hearing or feeling from your body and Soul?

After doing so, share your comments below. Would love to hear what you’re being called to express, embody and create for 2017!

Seeing you living in abundance, love, freedom, and joy!