One of the biggest sayings I despise is “back to the daily grind”.  It sounds so hopeless, uneventful and just plain old boring.  Actually take a moment to say it out loud and feel your body’s reaction to it.  Ummm yea, not so inspiring.  Is life really just a daily grind people.

I choose to not live in that way.  

I believe that we can turn the mundane, tedious, everyday tasks – whether that’s in our business, careers, or even at home paying the bills, cleaning or cooking into daily play.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, stay at home mom, or work in a corporate office, you can shift the way you work into one that is more empowering, peaceful, and creative.

Embodying the energy of play into all those to do’s can feel like waving a magic wand and voila, everything is done!  You move through the resistance, get so much more done quickly and efficiently while having a ton of fun too.

When you’re faced with a slew of tasks that just feel unbearable, pause, take a deep breath and ask yourself this “How can I make organizing my files (fill in blank of experience/task/to do) more playful, fun and joyful for me right now?”

Notice how I add the “right now” to the end of the question.  This brings you into the present moment with the task at hand activating your intuition to guide you with the most playful way to support you in getting it done.

Here are some examples of what’s come through for me in order to turn the daily grind into daily play:

  • Play upbeat music I can sing along to.
  • Light candles and burn incense.
  • Open up my office window and sit in front of it with my laptop.
  • Go to the café and work outside on the patio.
  • Work on a project for 30 minutes at a time, dance or take a walk and come back to it.

Using your intuition in this way helps you embody this lifestyle even more.  Plus when it comes to fulfilling your purpose, there are going to be a lot of tasks and to do’s that need to be done.   That’s the nature of building your dreams.  So you might as well make it fun and claim “Back to the daily play!”

What do you have on your to do list that you’d rather not do?  How can you make that more playful for yourself?  Share how you are turning the daily grind into daily play today in the comments below.

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance. Namaste!