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The Unlock the Power of Your Intuition Video Training Series is all about trusting the wisdom of your inner voice so you can fully express and fulfill your soul purpose. 

You Will:

  • End confusion and self-doubt by knowing the top three ways you sabotage your intuition and shut out your higher self
  • Get to know your spiritual anatomy and why it’s vital to unlocking your intuition
  • Discover how energetic blocks can keep you from fully living your soul’s purpose and what you must do in order to release them fully
  • Strengthen your intuition with four powerful and practical techniques so you can start living a life of freedom and creative expression

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Hello, I’m Christina!

Christina Ambubuyog is the founder of I Love Intuition where she helps purpose driven women trust their intuition and creativity to create soulful lives, relationships and businesses.   As an intuitive coach, artist, and inspirational speaker, she Integrates energy techniques, expressive arts, and play as the secret sauce to unleash one’s inner wisdom.  Christina can clairvoyantly see what gets in the way of you and your vision, while designing a strategic plan that is fun, purposeful and most importantly achieves results.  For over a decade, she has helped clients around the globe through private intuitive readings, intuition coaching, retreats and workshops.  She’s also worked with organizations such as United Way, Vistage, Neiman Marcus and as a TEDx Fremont East Women speaker.  Born and raised in Chicago, she now lives in Las Vegas where she loves hiking through the desert, taking silly photos, dancing and traveling.

My work is recognized by:

Gratitude from my soulful clients

Before my intuitive reading, I was debating which direction I should take my business next — Steady eddy or go big? Christina aptly tapped into some of the family changes I had going on at the time, giving me both clarity in my business and my home life.  Getting a reading from Christina reset my mindset and my focus for the year ahead.

Amber McCue

Business strategist and coach,

I’m a cautious believer in matters of spirituality and intuition, but Christina immediately made me feel at ease with her process. Her assessment of what’s been happening in my life and how it affected me were extremely accurate. She helped me understand what it all meant and offered extremely practical advice to help me move past it.  Since our reading, I’ve seen some shifts in my relationships, my business and my finances. Christina gave me clarity around the things I needed to let go, where I needed to focus and how I could nurture my personal growth.

Sophie Bujold

Social Media Strategist and Speaker,

Her coaching enabled me to live in my own truth and be fully present and focused. Christina did an amazing job, helping me shift my energy, re-connecting with my intuition, and YES – even finding my purpose in life.  What immediately stood out are Christina’s amazing listening skills.  She does not pretend or listen half-heartedly; on the contrary, she gets to the bottom of things, clears through all the clutter and knows how to turn things around.  Christina knows how to bring the best out in people.  Thanks to her, I enjoy my life again!

Justine Van Impe

Christina blew my mind! I came to her when I felt like I needed more clarity surrounding relationships and my business. She read me and who I was instantly without ever talking to me before.  She helped me to identify why I had a recurring pattern in my relationships with men helping to clear and heal it so that I could open myself up to new love and relationships. As for my business, she help me identify my business archetype and the direction I should be headed in.  She helped me refocus myself and my brand in a more purposeful fashion, and just weeks after speaking with her I was able to finish writing my first book and had three speaking engagements booked.

Taria Pritchett

Confidence Mentor, Coach and Speaker,

I hired Christina to help me with making a big hiring decision in my business. I was nervous about it, and wasn’t even sure where I would find this perfect person.  Clearly she’s intuitive – which is why I hired her – but what you might not know is that she’s a super-smarty business pants too. If you have been struggling with making a decision for a long time and you just can’t wrap your brain around it, definitely hire her.

Erika Lyremark

Business Coach and Author,

Before working with Christina, I felt like my practical side and my creative side were at odds. What I THOUGHT I should be doing and what I WANTED to do just couldn’t come together. I LOVED the reading.  Everything Christina mentioned was dead on. I got so much clarity on life and business, including how to accept my way of thinking as a gift.

Tami Cunningham


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