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Often times people come to me for an intuitive reading with vague questions or not quite knowing what they really want so I have to dig in and ask them a few questions to help them get clear about what exactly the issue is, they need support with or clarity about. It’s important that I help to rephrase questions for people so we can receive the most powerful and aligned intuitive guidance.

There’s a vast amount of intuitive information you can access and when you open up “just wanting to know” or “tell me what I need to know” without any frame of reference as to what you’re wanting to know, then you open up to vague answers or no answers at all.

If you want to see results with your intuition then you have to get specific. Asking for intuitive guidance that’s vague and gives no direction is like telling your navigation system in your car “Take me to a restaurant!”

Ummmm there’s like 274 restaurants in a 2 miles radius, which restaurant do you want to go to?

Get grounded and specific. Make it tangible. Make it actionable. YOU are the Divine co-creator of your life, so if you want something then ask your intuition to give you specifics of how to get there.

Hey intuition…

Ask this: I want to host a workshop this July, what date is the best time to host my workshop?Not this: When should I host my workshop?

Ask this: Can you give me insight about why my relationship is losing its passion?Not this: I’m curious about my relationship what do I need to know?

Ask this: What do I need to know to be ready and open to receive and be in a committed relationship?
Not this: When will my soul mate arrive?

Ask this: How can I improve my skills and offer more value to create more success in my career?
Not this: What should I learn next?

The better your questions the more aligned your intuitive guidance will be to provide you with the highest answers to help you navigate your life’s path.

Enjoy dialoguing with your Soul! She has so much to share with you… you just have to ask!

Big love,

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