I’m sure you’re familiar with all this talk about:

What do you want?

What do you desire?

What’s your vision?

What’s your purpose?

Once you’ve got that down, then it’s all about keeping yourself focused on what you do want.

Now, this is absolutely important and a core element to the work that I do with my clients.  I mean, I talk about this all the time.  I love it all!

But we’re missing a key piece that no one seems to be talking about that I believe is absolutely crucial to being in your full self-expression.

As you create your life with purpose, intention and honoring your Soul’s intuitive wisdom, it’s just as important to be conscious about what you DO NOT WANT!

Now in all this guru and Law of Attraction talk you’ll hear “Don’t focus or put energy into the negative!” as if being aware of what you don’t want is going to manifest a hungry black bear in your living room in a minute.

But it will get you closer to what you do want and help you attract that too. Especially when you’re not clear about what that is.

This isn’t about you being a negative Nancy.  It is about being clear on what doesn’t work for you in your life so that when those things show up, it’s easy to say no.

When I was making changes in my relationship space, having gone through a series of boyfriends that just didn’t move quite at my speed, I got hyper clear and critical about this.

I don’t want lazy men. I don’t want to be taken advantage of.  I don’t want to a man who can’t commit. I don’t want liars.  I don’t want a man who is manipulative.  I don’t want a man with jealousy issues.  I don’t want baby mama drama.  Oh yea, I went there.

So… what is it for you?

What do you NOT WANT? 

Write it out.  Make it known.  Then claim what it is that you DO WANT.

Having trouble getting clear on both?  Especially when it comes to creating what it is that you DO WANT?  I have opened up a handful of spots for private mentoring clients.

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May you be blessed with all your desires!