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“I love getting my hair done and my eyebrows too.  I can’t wait to try that Tarte mascara that Erika’s been raving about.  Oh and I need to stop at the MAC store to check out Riri’s new collection.”

These were my streams of thoughts, as I was getting ready to head out for my hair appointment today.

It made me think about the energy of beauty and what we do to make us FEEL beautiful both internally and externally.

Beauty has always had a special place in my heart.  I’m a sucker for beautiful objects and surroundings from lacey lingerie, hand carved sculptures, colorful landscapes and edgy design.

My adoration for beauty gets me in trouble too.  Like when I’m searching for the perfect photo for a post and I end up sidetracked for an hour on Photopin looking at all the beautiful images. Or when beauty triggers the “impulse buy alarm” and next thing you know I’ve got next day delivery on three pairs of heels from Zappos.

When I distill it down to it’s essence, there’s this feeling of empowerment, aliveness, vibrancy that resonates in my body when I’m immersed in beauty.

It’s not all material… but truly the experience.  That Divine Feminine sensation when you’re consciously taking care of your body, mind and Soul by choosing mindfully what you get in touch with.

In my questioning of what makes me feel beautiful, I’ve listed it here.

It’s about recognizing those moments that get you back in touch with your heart, the earth and the blessings of being alive.

:: Morning breakfast in silence.

:: Hearing the clickety click of my 4 inch stilettos.

:: When my man reads to me in bed.

:: Lighting candles, burning incense, clearing space.

:: Smiling.

:: Manicure and pedicures.

:: Driving with my sunroof open and singing to Jack Johnson.

:: Drinking a fresh glass of green juice.

:: Laying on the floor after an Insanity workout.

:: Being heard.

:: Forgiveness.

:: Cuddling.

:: Spending time with my family.

:: When my dad asks me how my business is doing.

:: Chunky bracelets.

:: My hands covered with paint.

:: Teaching.

I can go on. But it’s your turn.