According to A Course In Miracles, there are only two emotions:  Love and Fear and that those two energies cannot live and breathe in the same space. Ultimately, you have a choice to either live from a state of love or live from a state of fear.

When looking at these two energies, love vibrates at a much higher and faster frequency than fear, therefore when you are living in a state of love, everything in your life moves much more quickly, gracefully and in the flow. Love creates expansion and connection whereas fear constricts and causes separation from Spirit and your Intuition.

So what’s love got to do with it?  In order to move through fear you have to BE love.  When it comes to connecting in with your intuition, your intuition always guides you on a path of love.  As an entrepreneur, your love and devotion to a higher way of being is what will propel you through the thick and daunting energies of fear. When you tune in on the love you have for your gifts, what you are meant to share with the world and the people who are transformed by your services then fear has no room to step in because your commitment is so strong that you’re willing to make mountains move.

This is what I like to call a “Do or Die” choice… I know that sounds a little drastic but for me that’s what it felt like when I was faced with one of my dark nights of the soul.  When I made the soul commitment to live my purpose to the fullest, it was either I do it or I might as well die.  And when I say die I mean that by being asleep and unconscious to my ability to create this life the way that I want it to be.  It would literally be like I was sleepwalking through this life and not fully be available to receive all that Spirit and Earth have to offer. So there’s no way that I can ever be complacent with this life and therefore I choose to “Do”, no matter what.

Your I Love Intuition Assignment:

  • A beautiful quote by Mary Oliver is “What will you do with your one wild and precious life?” Sit with this question and think about this, if fear didn’t exist what would you do?  Write straight from your heart what your wild and precious life will look like.
  • Every time you move into fear, connect in with the state of love. Love for Spirit, love for who you are meant to serve, love for your family and friends.  Just anything that brings loving thoughts into your space.
  • From this state of love, take your next step with the intention and knowing that as you walk the path of love you are living in divine guidance and flow of Spirit.

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