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As beautiful as this 2011 energy is and the excitement I feel in the air, like little sparkles of confetti light, I have to admit there has been a roller coaster energy happening. I know I’m not the only one feeling it, since my clients are coming to me feeling a little “off” and much of my circle of friends sense it too.

So what is it?  On 1.11.11, I decided to clairvoyantly look into the energy of the earth and the consciousness of what’s happening on the planet right now. First of all, the number 1 is all about leadership, creativity, new beginnings, and possibilities.  Turn it into the master spiritual number of 11 and now you tap into purpose, bridging the gateway of earth and Spirit and intuitive knowing.  So this date was extra important, not only because it’s my father’s birthday 🙂 but because it creates this portal of ascension, awakening and transcendence from illusion into truth and then taking this truth into tangible reality through our creative power as Spiritual beings in a human body.

The picture that was shown to me was a portal of vibrant, brilliant, swirling energy of light coming from Spirit and connecting right into the core of Mother Earth.  It was truly magnificent and created this direct opening to move into this higher frequency of being.  And this higher frequency is love.

What’s interesting is that there were many people who are standing outside of this portal of light energy just staring at it in awe, not knowing what it is or what to do. Some in fear and some in wonder. Then there are other people who are jumping right in and allowing it to uplift and empower their human bodies to better integrate their vessels to receive more light, and to be conduits for sharing gifts that help to spread more love across the planet.

Stepping into this light requires trust and surrender. Moving into a higher way of being means letting go of limiting paradigms, old beliefs and old ways that resonate with an outdated version of you so that you can step into who it is that you truly are.  This is the path of intuition.  Your intuition, your Soul and Spirit is always guiding you to reveal more of your authentic self.  To be in your own light, truth and love.  Anything that moves you away from this is trying to keep you in fear of your own power to always know and have the answers right there within you.

If you’re feeling this roller coaster energy remember to just slow down. The world is not going to fall apart if you pause, take in a deep breath and reconnect to your center.  Actually time will cease to exist as you establish that connection back to your energy.  Let yourself lean into the energy of Love and open to receive more, give more and just be you.  This year is not about sitting on the sidelines waiting for things to happen. Its about finding a way to integrate your ability to love who it is that you are first, love the purpose you are meant to share with the world and to love making that become a physical manifestation of your reality.

I am guided to ask you these following questions for you to go within and seek the answers that resonate deeply in your soul:

  • Check in with yourself and close your eyes.  Where are you feeling a hunch, calling or nudge to do or create something new this year?
  • What are the fears, limiting thoughts and beliefs that show up as you tap into this calling?
  • Can you love yourself enough to let go of all those beliefs, patterns and outdated energies that are no longer in alignment with what you want to create for yourself?
  • If so, then begin to bring in the energy of love into your body through your breath.  As you breathe out, let go of all that you’re ready to let go of right now.
  • If not, what keeps you holding on to fear rather than love?  How is this working for you right now?  Allow yourself to gently move into the possibility of loving yourself and letting go of anything that isn’t truth for you.

Managing your energy during these major shifts that are happening planetary is so key to being able to stay in direct connection to your intuitive knowing.  Otherwise, you’ll be scattered, unable to share what you are meant to share in this world.  My free teleclass “The Power of Intuition: How to Awaken Your Inner Key to Authentic Success and Living Your Divine Purpose” is perfect in helping you stay centered and grounded as you step into your passionate purpose. Register now to be a part of this amazing teleclass at