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Our dishwasher has been broken and yesterday we finally had someone come by to give us an estimate to fix it.

Prior to his arrival, Paul and I had a discussion and asked ourselves, “What’s our breaking point?”

Meaning, how much are we willing to spend to fix it and at what point do we say f*ck it and buy a new dishwasher.

We decided we’re okay with spending $250. If the estimate came out to more than that, we’d much rather put that money towards a new dishwasher.

We had clarity, a boundary, an agreement, and a decision made.

The estimate: $332.18.

We thanked our appliance guy, paid the $65 fee for him to come out and hopped online to start our search for a new dishwasher.

As I went to bed last night, that question popped up in my head again, “What’s my breaking point?”

It made me think about boundaries, our energetic reserves, and more specifically over giving. In order to care for ourselves spiritually, it’s important to understand what’s our maximum energy we are willing to expend before we topple over in exhaustion, over stretch ourselves, or take on too much.

In other words, how much energy do you have to spend on…

A new business project.

Taking care of a family in need.

Raising a new puppy.

Insert any form of task, project, or responsibility that requires energetic bandwidth + time.

Give yourself a moment to get clear on your energetic states. 

1. Take inventory of how much energy is going out to various parts of your life.You can look at this as a percentage out of 100% and break it down loosely into major areas such as work, relationships, or health.

Also, if you have a chronic health condition that you’re navigating, that takes up a certain amount of energy too. – Hat Tip to Charlie Gilkey who so lovingly pointed that out during his workshop I attended last year. 

2. How much do YOU *really* have extra to give? Get real with yourself. Each of us are wired uniquely to manage and process our own energy and the energy around us. Some of us have a higher tolerance for stress while some of us may be extremely sensitive to it. 

You get to set the parameters for how much you can give, the amount of productivity you are capable of, and quite frankly how much do you actually want to do something or not. Because wanting to give vs being obligating to give are two vastly different energies. 

3. How much are you currently giving to yourself? Is this enough? What’s your breaking point? How do you know when you’re depleted or close to being depleted? 

Just like we were clear that we didn’t want to spend more than $250 on repairs, get clear on when you’re at the edge of what you can give AND when you’re not giving enough to yourself.

Create clarity, know your boundaries, make an agreement with yourself, and decide on what you need to do to move forward. 

If you need to give to yourself more, here are some meditations I’ve created to help center, ground, and uplift you!

Healing Light Meditation

Meditation to Boost Your Confidence

Gratitude Meditation

I’d love to hear from you! What are your insights about your own personal breaking point? Do you feel like you’re operating at an energetic deficit? Or have you been filling up your cup pretty well?

And please, if you noticed that your boundaries have been a little shaky, it’s ok. Don’t judge yourself but bring presence and awareness. We ALL go through this at times, even me. Which is exactly why we need to check in with ourselves and do so regularly and at times even daily.

To less over giving and more giving from the overflow!

All my love,

P.S. For the third year in a row, it’s time for the annual year readings! The 2021 Aura Reading: Your Year Revealed will be opening up again this week. So stay tuned for the email announcement this week!