This past weekend, TRUTH came knocking on my door, I opened, got curious and found out more.

But damn, sometimes I wonder, did I even have to go there?

Well of course, especially when your intuition guides you to gain a deeper understanding of your path.

Again, like authenticity, it’s not always cotton candy clouds against a bright blue sky.

This new revelation left me shocked, dismantled, relieved and grateful. To spare the details, I experienced a shattering of trust. I was livid.

And I let myself be livid. Huffed and puffed, screamed, cried and let fury course through my body. I said out loud to myself “Forgiveness will come later, but right now I am freakin’ pissed.”

You cannot come to a place of true forgiveness unless you allow yourself to feel the emotions related to the person or situation you are trying to make peace with.

I see people get all hung up and ego crazy over the Law of Attraction saying “Oh I can’t be angry or sad because I’ll manifest more of that in my life.”

Funk that! I call bullshit. You have to feel. Your intuition lies underneath your emotions, the wisdom to move forward resides in that quiet space within. But in order to get there, you must embody what you’re feeling in the moment. Many want to bypass this (oh including myself!), but what actually happens is you suppress it even more.

If forgiveness isn’t working, or you’re saying affirmations on forgiveness or trying to “think” your way out of feeling bitter or angry. Then connect back to your body and feel your way through.

Presence is the path to for-giving.

It’s a process. But remember: feel first, then forgive.

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Seeing you living in brilliance, love and abundance! Namaste.


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