Intuitive guidance can be unsexy.  Building your business can be unsexy.

Creating a deeper connection to your purpose can be unsexy.

But isn’t that what makes it sexy at the same time?

The everyday heads down tasks of getting it done are all beautiful (and necessary) pieces of your brilliant vision.

The other week, my intuition pushed the creative green light button letting me know it’s time for massive implementation in creating the Ignite Your Intuition group program.

Woohoo!  I’m game.

Mapping out the magic with my markers and sketchpad, my mind’s eye kept flashing light filled images of creating video training modules and delivering content and support in a new way.

Fabulous!  Let’s do this.

But when I sat at my laptop yesterday ready to roll, I was like oh lord this is so unsexy.   Revamping all the content and creating slides is so tedious, there’s new software I’m learning and every part of me just wants to zone out on Pinterest.

My giddy intuition kept saying how awesome it’s going to be, reminding me how I love the dynamic energy of incorporating different learning styles into my teaching.


Feeling so not hot and bothered, I went right back to my intuition that guided me into the unsexy to get me right out.

Dear Intuition…

How do I make this creative process sexy again?

Here’s what she said.

Get your ass out of the house.  Dress your lips in hot pink.  Blow out your hair.  Drink a glass of Amazing Greens.  Slip into your stilettos.  Go to the café.  And get on with it.

Yes ma’am.  And so I did.

Intuition is feeling sexy once again.

What’s you’re intuition telling you to do to make your dream making sexy, sensual and playful?

Share your sexy guidance below.