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As much as we can strain and pop a vein to make things go as planned, facets of your Soul rouse to forge a new direction.  What was once your detailed course of action begins to read like foreign language.  Remaining on this path begins to feel like a struggle and deciphering this outdated blueprint becomes a headache… and heartache.

The Soul must now take lead.

Our infinite Spirit loves to evolve.  At times this evolution conflicts with our ego’s wants and ego’s desires.  We live in the law of gestation.  Everything has timing. Life happens in cycles.  Just like it takes a baby 9 months to be ready for the world.  The timing of your Soul has specific moments of death and birth, aspects of you that are meant to create, awaken and understand in this life.

Even if that means you have to let go of what you have always known.

Keep your heart up.  And OPEN.  Anchor firmly into your gutsy guidance for new coordinates and blaze your trail.

As much as we think we want what we want, there is no telling when our Soul has greater plans for us. That it asks for new experiences to revel in, to learn new moves so you can tango with life, engage in deeper connections, express more authentically, and soar higher than you ever dreamt possible.

As the mythology master Joseph Campbell says, “You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.”   Moments arrive when you have to surrender your ego.  Let go of the past.  Trust in the future.  Honor the present.

Does this come with turbulence? Absolutely!

Sell the house and downsize. Make peace with a relationship and grow forth. Ditch your 9-5 and launch your own biz.

Not so easy? Well duh!

Big decisions? Ginormous!

Here’s how you can hand over your old life to welcome in the new, with grace and fierce faith of course: 

1. Acknowledge and Accept. Acknowledge what’s no longer working. Be real with where there is discord, disconnect and the parts of your Soul that is yearning for something new, sparkly and fulfilling. Accept that these are not working for you. Sounds simple but you’ll be surprised at how many excuses your ego will come up with to sugar coat why you should be okay with what’s not working.  Never settle.  Accept without judgment. Accept with love.

2. Love yourself up. Compassion + radical self-love is key here. Why? Well from my experience of letting go and letting Goddess, the shit hits the fan. From subconscious beliefs that chain you to the past to sickly fears that freeze you from moving forward, and peeps who just don’t understand why you want to go in a whole new direction.  Love is kryptonite to all these barriers. Love connects you to Source. Love fuels the emergence of your Soul’s desires, pumping it up with inspiration, faith, and passionate action.

3. Embrace support. Rally up your BFF’s, mentors, healers, Angels, those who SEE you for you. Who see the light of your Divinity, who won’t impose their personal fears on you but rather unleash your magical powers by offering you fresh ideas, unbiased insights and authentic wisdom. Plus shoulders to cry on are absolutely necessary. Ask them to pray with you and for you. To set intentions with you and to hold you in the highest and brightest of uplifting light, love and trust that all will turn out in the most amazing ways.

4. Know your pace. Some people like to clench their teeth and just rip off the band-aid. Others thrive with smaller steps. Progress happens with each action taken – big or small. Make your actions holy by being intentional, mindful and present with them. This is how miracles, synchronicities and happy journeying happens.

5. Focus on clarity and eliminate the “I don’t knows”.  Pioneering a new path can be scary as f*ck!  Fear will bring forth the “I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what I want. I don’t know how I’m going to get through this.”  Stop it.  Keep your mind’s eye and heart focused on what you know is clear, true and authentic.  It can be as simple as “I know morning walks make me happy. I know I’m great at making people laugh. I know I love to cook.”  Ride the waves of clarity for ultimate flow.  Ride what you don’t know digs you deeper into darkness.  Energy flows where attention goes.

When plans don’t go as planned, it simply means life wants to give to you.  Fascinate you.  Adore you.  Announce to you that you are ready for a deeper level of mastery and creativity.

Your Soul is so mighty.  Let her reign.

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance!  Namaste!




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