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My cutie pie niece Olivia, chillaxin’.

My body went into battle arena with a nasty cold this past week and a half.  It was one of those that started with a slight soreness in the throat.  I immediately doused myself in essential oils, pumped up my greens and juicy good stuff intake, said my body is healthy affirmations and I thought I had it under control.  Until I woke up two days later with my body was exhausted, head stuffed, coughing and feeling defeated.

But I knew the inevitable was to happen.

I had worked myself to this state.  My body was telling me to slooow the eff down.  The past two months have been a whirlwind of massive creation with the retreat in Tahoe and the birthing of this new website.  Immediately we began putting together the next Art of Trust retreat in February of 2014 and I started diving right into revamping my content for the upcoming Ignite Your Intuition Group Program.   I went it hyper doing mode.

This is what I like to call energetic integration. 

Whenever we step into new paradigms of our own growth and evolution, our bodies need to get used to this new level.  And when we do way too much and don’t take the time to acclimate to our new surroundings, our body will find a way to make it acclimate for you.

Hence situations like getting sick so that you can stay in bed to rest, rejuvenate and what I like to do is celebrate.

As I lay in bed for three days, after I got over the wishing I wasn’t sick whining, I had time to reflect on how much I have grown and experienced in the past several months.  I took note of the accomplishments and gave gratitude to the new lessons and ways I have deepened my own Spiritual practice and purpose.

I surrendered to my body’s needs of slowing down.  She spoke subtly to me Sunday evening as I was dozing off to sleep with this message:

Take it easy Goddess, you’ve got plenty of time to create the next round of magic.  Revel in the loving embrace of creative completion and the beauty of it all.

I share that message with you.

Have you been finding yourself in hyper doing mode?  Give yourself time to integrate, reflect and celebrate, especially if you’ve been moving along at the speed of radiant light.