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Have you ever felt like your dream, goal or vision that you’re working towards is soooooo far away?   You’re taking all the steps necessary but the finish line seems so out of reach or you feel as if you’re not making any progress that you start feeling defeated, restless and ready to give up.

Ugh! It’s the worst isn’t it? You can see what you want and you have this burning desire to make it happen… but it’s just not happening.


I call this “being in the in-between.”

I’ve been feeling this lately. I have new visions and projects that want to be birthed yet requires strong foundational pieces and planning to happen before it can come to fruition. And honestly, it’s irritating and annoying. I want it to NOW!

But manifestation has a gestation period, the time necessary for something to develop and come to fruition. We know that it takes 9 months for a baby to gestate in the womb, our dreams are the same way.

To move through these feelings and thoughts of “I’m not where I want to be,”
here are five ways to help you reach the finish line and not give up on your bigger dreams.

1.  Creating multiple milestones. I learned this from my project manager. She would break down a project into several milestones or phases. In the past, whenever I had a project or vision I was creating, I would make one crazy long list of things that needed to happen (blame it on my creative brain).

Breaking it down into milestones helped to wrap my brain around the key phases of the project and focus solely on that particular phase. Plus I really love the word “milestone” It’s like a birthday or an anniversary and calls for a celebration.

2.  Speaking of celebration, remember to celebrate! We can get so focused on how “far we have to go” that we forget how far we have come. Look over the things you have accomplished not only with the particular dream you’re moving towards but the other accomplishments you have achieved in your life.

3.  Spend time with your vision. When we’re in the thick of it and in the daily grind of life, we can forget to spend some time with our vision. And I’m not just talking about a 3-minute visualization exercise but to really sit down, write out and read out loud your vision.

Have a date with it, light a candle, get present you’re your vision. Visualize it, feel it in your bones and ignite that connection again with your big dream.

4.  Get Playful. If you’re feeling blah about where you are or unsure if your dreams are ever going to come to life, then it’s time to get out and play. I know when I’m feeling funky about life, I have to muster up the energy to go and do something. And every time I do give myself the gift of play, I ALWAYS feel soooo much better, reenergized and ready to rock out again.

I like to go ride bikes in the neighborhood and explore the desert lands around us or have fun at Game Works playing video games and skeeball. Today I drove by the pumpkin patch near my house and I saw they have those huge inflatable slides with a big orange pumpkin at the top, so you’ll know where I’ll be playing this weekend. I’ll probably be the only adult without kids riding down that slide. #whocares!

5.  Be adventurous and try something new. Engaging in new activities expands your comfort zone, gets the creative juices flowing again and brings that excitement back to life. If you have a hard time figuring out what new activities to try, I love checking out Groupon! They have an entertainment and things to do section plus you can get a sweet discount on local happenings in your town. It’s fantastic! I always get new ideas every time I check their website.

If you have any tips on how you stay aligned to your dreams especially when you’re feeling like its taking you forever to get there, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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