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I grabbed the last Yogi Tea bag.  Ginger, in case you’re wondering.

It was oh just one of those days.  Emotional spasms.  The longings of life burst through in wild bodily convulsions.  And I try to get a grip.  Of what though?  Holding on only creates tension. Release is resolution.

So I ask.

“Universe, Show me what I need to do.”

I tear open the tea bag…


As my tea brewed, I meditated on these words.  The Universe speaks to me in more ways than one.

In my intuitive conversation, Spirit reminds me where my Fierce Feminine Faith needs to be.  And then the light bulb goes off…

Trumpets Blare.

Angels Sing.

*Epiphany* flashes like neon Vegas lights.  *Bling * Bling*

It sinks in… in this moment I am struck by the realization that I have been putting my Certainty, Faith and Trust into situations and areas that are temporal, fleeting, fantastical.

Although it gives me this heightened sense of being, fear remains present.  Frustration.  Anger.  Madness.  How can one put their Fierce Faith in places that create static within?

Gently nudging me towards Truth, this little note from Spirit blesses you, blesses me with a ginormous message…

Where there is love, there is no question.

Refocusing my heart…  adjusting back and forth like a camera lens, moving my Self closer to Source… sharpness emerges in the viewfinder of my mind’s eye.

Magnifying the Truth.  Returning to Love.

2012 is here my friend.  Where are you focusing your Fierce Faith?

If lower level energies are showing up for you, then that’s where the focus is.
Here’s what you gotta do to get back on the hanky panky love train:

Take a step back.
Reorient your Soul’s compass towards L O V E.
Move in the direction where the flow is evident.
Heaven is here. The lavish gates are open for you.
Look for that opening.  Shimmy on through.
Say yes to where the yes is.

Fierce Faith Focused on Love.  Make it your mantra.

Go ahead Goddess, give it all you’ve got.

Love to you!  Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance!  Namaste!