Would you like to know where your gut feelings come from?

They stem from your Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd), an energy center midway between your navel and the base of your sternum. (To learn more about Chakras check my post) In Sanskrit its called Manipura, which means “Lustrous Gem” or “City of Jewels”. That translation is music to my soul, isn’t it just lovely?

The 3rd chakra is associated with your Intuitive abilities to connect with your Inner Power and to be a leader and confident to co-create your human will with Spirit. It is also the center where you have an emotional balance and understanding with life. And by harnessing this center, you really begin to radiate and shine! Makes sense why it would be called “Lustrous Gem”

Every time you second-guess your gut feelings, you shut down your ability to feel intuitively. You stuff down emotions, finding it hard to discern whether a decision is right or wrong and your creative and manifestation energy begins to diminish.

Oh and do I need to go into the physical ramifications of second-guessing your gut? Many physical ailments ulcers, intestinal or colon problems, diabetes, indigestion all has to do with blockages associated to your Solar Plexus Chakra. So if you’re experiencing any of those, then it’s definitely time to look within to see what is really happening to yourself on an energetic level.

Not acting upon your gut feelings causes you to deny your ability to awaken the Inner Power that resides within you. This creates an invalidation of your own innate knowing of being connected with the abundant flow of the Universe, finding yourself later down the road with the familiar “Oh I should have listened to my gut!”

Opening up your ability to intuitively feel through your Solar Plexus Chakra creates an expansion of your ability to share your gifts, be on purpose with every step and to truly anchor into a knowing that you have your perfect place in the Universe.

One of the biggest problems I see that keeps people stuck in a rut is that so many of them keep second-guessing themselves. Whether they are second guessing their gut feeling, a flash of insight or a message they receive. They fail to honor the guidance that is leading them to greatness.

After much pondering over this, I decided to ask why?

The answer I have received from many is simply this: “I’m afraid that I’ll be wrong”

So how do we actually stop second-guessing the intuitive antennae that we are and begin trusting our intuition?

  1. You must recognize that you have the answers within you at all times.
  2. Take note of those gut feelings and roll with it and take action.
  3. Practice your Solar Plexus chakra super powers by stating “I am so grateful for being a powerful creator of my reality!” Breathing that affirmation into your Solar Plexus and diaphragm and breathing out any resistance to expressing your Divine Purpose. Affirm once more “I love and honor the guidance that is within me always.”

Your Chakra system communicates intuitively and energetically with the world, yet most people don’t even know how to begin accessing these centers to receive intuitive guidance.

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