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In every moment we are picking up energy all around us. Vibrations come in the form of thoughts, emotions, words, sounds, color, light, and people.

The energies of your friends, family, co-workers, strangers on the street and your ancestors can be found lingering in your body, mind, aura, and chakras influencing how you create, the decisions you make and the path you ultimately take.

Some of these energies may have a positive affect on our path and some may deter us from the path truly meant for our Soul.

Let’s say you come from a family of lawyers and you were born with the archetype and soul path to be a teacher. And all your life you were told to be a lawyer so that’s what you do.

You spend years going to school only to find that you’re completely miserable. Sure you have a fantastic job with benefits but you’re aching for something more, something else, to be the person who you truly want to be and not what everyone else wanted you to be.

You may not know exactly what that is yet, but there’s a hunger and a calling stirring deep within you. The voice of your soul is sending you messages through your discomfort, your unhappiness, your longing for something more.

This is how people can cloud your intuition.

Your father’s expectations.

Your mother’s opinions.

The media bombarding you with messages about who you’re supposed to be.

If you’re struggling with listening to your inner voice, then tune out everyone else and tune into your Soul.

A cloudy energetic field will only give you cloudy guidance.

To clear the clouds and let your truth illuminate, ask yourself:

1. Who am I listening to right now?

2. Is the decision I’m making for me or for someone else?

3. What does my Soul truly desire at this moment?

And remember to clear your energy. Meditate. Center into the wisdom of your being.  Daily.


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