When the movie The Secret came out, the Law of Attraction became the biggest new age fad to hit the streets since Miss Cleo.

Manifestation became a buzzword and your thoughts create your reality set everyone into this tailspin of trying to think only positive thoughts 24/7.

The problem is that it hooked into people’s fear, shame, and the cultural belief that you are NOT enough.

Fear that if they think the wrong thing they’ll manifest that. Fear that if they don’t visualize enough, or say enough affirmations, or take the wrong action, or not aligned enough then they’ll explode into a negative oblivion and nothing will manifest their way.

There’s a distinct difference between what you ‘think’ you want, what the cultural psyche thinks you should want, and what your Soul truly desires and is aligned to create.

For example: You may “think” you want a mansion with 50 acres of land because media and the western culture defines success as the bigger or the more you have the better, but your Soul actually thrives in a city loft with a small outdoor patio.

And when you are NOT clear about what you truly desire, what your Soul is called to create, then you can visualize all you want but nothing’s going to really change.

The law of attraction won’t work for you if what you’re trying to manifest doesn’t even align to your Soul.

I don’t believe that you can manifest everything and anything. 

It’s bullshit.
Here’s why.

Because I cannot manifest myself out of being in my own skin. Even if I were to create a vision board of Brazilian women, and visualize myself as a Brazilian woman and say affirmations like “I am the most amazing Brazilian woman ever!” guess what, I am not going to manifest that.

Im going to stay Filipina. And seriously, if you know someone who has manifested themselves out of their own heritage please let me know.

Don’t believe the hype.  The ego wants to twist this idea of manifestation into something so surface level.  It’s not.

There’s so many other factors affecting the journey of our soul that it’s not always that simple and easy as all the new age spiritual hoopla likes to say it is.

I’m not saying that affirmations, positive thinking, or anything like that has no purpose, because it does and I practice it myself daily.  Your inner world does affect your outer world.

It’s just that you need to be doing it in a way that is actually true for you, not out of fear. Not out of shame. Not out of beating yourself up because whatever vision you have for yourself hasn’t yet manifested for you.

Here’s the truth.

What You CAN have is what you truly DESIRE and what’s Soulfully aligned to you.  It must be what’s real and authentic within.  And for the Soul, that IS everything.

Presence will allow you to be in this flow.

And knowing your Soul, listening to your intuition, will always align you to your highest path and purpose.

You won’t have to try and manifest anything. You simply step into the truth of your being, radiate, and be you.

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