Early last week, I woke up and asked for a sign and my little request went a little something like this “Dear Spirit.  Please give me a tangible, physical sign, like in my face sign about what direction I need to take in my life right now.  And if you could please give it to me today, that would be fantastic.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

I go about my day, in a semi-surrender.  Kinda like sleeping with one eye open, but this is more like one eye open going about my day, the other eye hawking the heavens for my sign to show up.

That day I was treated poorly by someone I know.  Actually I felt quite disrespected.  It bothered me. I pondered and then eventually said a prayer, practiced forgiveness and went on my merry way.

Or so I thought.  Later that evening it struck me that I received my sign through the experience with this person.  It was a pattern that I put up with, giving my power away to a fear of abandonment, and I had often contemplated on ending this friendship.  Yet, we had history, fun and I deeply cared for this person.

Low and behold in the midst of realizing my sign had appeared (fyi this incident literally happened within an hour of my little request) I was like, you have got to be kidding me.  Really?  I was saddened, as I knew it was time for me to move on.

Resistance set in, anger and even fear.  I didn’t want to believe this was the sign. I reviewed my day to make sure I didn’t miss anything significant and to be honest I was looking for something “positive”.   I was pissed that this is what I had to do, which I knew would create some major shifts in my life.  I surrendered.  Hands in the air, I recognized I was in battle arena with my intuition and the Universe.

This is why your intuition can be your worst enemy.  She’ll tell you things you don’t want to hear, give you insight towards actions you don’t want to take and make you step out of your comfort zone.  She’ll challenge you, provoke you and tell it like it is.  In defiance, you ignore, walk away, ask for another sign and fight with her to the bitter end.

It’s the change we fear from knowing the truth.

But don’t we all love our BFF’s who tell us that dress doesn’t look good on us, or the guy we’re dating is a douchebag.  The truth can hurt.  But the truth also sets you free.

Your intuition is the truth that leads you to your highest path and purpose.  And sometimes the highest path means letting go of the old.  Only you can make that choice for yourself.

If you find yourself fighting with your intuition, then you have made her your enemy.  Knowing she is really looking out for you the way your BFF won’t dare let you set foot out the door in a skanky dress, how can you get mad at that?

Get real Goddess and own up to any actions you know you need to take that you’re resisting, ignoring, fighting or perhaps not even accepting that is the real answer.  Listen intently.  Love deeply.  Take one small step, remembering your intuition and Spirit always has your back.

Seeing you living in brilliance, joy and abundance. Namaste.