As I was closing my eyes last night, ready to slip into the astral, all I could hear inside me was “You have a message to share, so share it.”  I felt inspired, grateful, empowered, and purposeful as I reflected on my experience speaking on stage at the TEDx Fremont East Women event.

Here’s a little background about the event.  On December 6, 2013, the 2nd TEDx Fremont East Women was held at The Center in Las Vegas.  Hosts Alexia Vernon and Jessica Tomlinson, two fearless leaders of our lovely desert oasis, along with a fabulous committee who made the day remarkable, created this beautiful day.

tedx committee
Our TEDx Hosts and Committee, the Goddesses who made it happen (from left to right):
Regina Bailey, Alexia Vernon, Samantha Cunningham, Stacey Hall, Alicia Mejia, Cher Hale,
Jessica Tomlinson

TEDx is an independently organized TED event with a mission to create “ideas worth spreading.”  At each event, speakers present a talk that is less than 18 minutes to empower new thoughts, attitudes, and most importantly to take action that will help change the world.

There were a total of 9 women speakers, although one couldn’t make it because she was sick. They shared their wisdom and stories of success, serendipity, trusting yourself, and changing the lives of others.

tedx speakers
2013 TEDx Fremont East Women Speakers lookin’ GORGEOUS (from left to right):
Toshia Shaw, Amy Jo Martin, Moi, Renee West, Jasmine Freeman, Sandi Herrera, April Mastroluca.
Not shown: Cathy Brooks, Gabriella Cote

What I received from everyone who spoke is that we all have a message.  We all have something that we desire to share, whether that’s with one person or one million.  It doesn’t have to be this grandiose message or through building a fortune 500 company, but something in your heart that touches you so you can create an impact in your own life and in the lives of others.

Messages don’t need to be delivered on a stage.  Messages are shared through action.  By you being the vehicle of what you believe in can create a ripple effect.

Here are the golden nuggets of wisdom I received from these powerful women who spoke their truth:

  1. Fight for your life, it’s precious.
  2. When you make a promise with Spirit, that promise will find you to fulfill it.
  3. Competition with yourself and confidence are essentials to success.
  4. If you see a problem that tugs at your heart, you may be the person who can help solve it.
  5. Plans change so stay open to receive something better.
  6. Listen to the nudges, the voices within that whisper your purpose.
  7. How you feel is what truly moves you to create change in your life.

Give yourself permission to start with where you are today.  What’s your message?  What change do you want to see in the world?  How can you be a part of that shift?  What actions can you take to see a world come to life in the way that you desire?

So share it.

Thank you for being a part of I Love Intuition.  I dedicated my talk to you.  I held you deeply in my heart as I let my Soul speak the message: Your intuition will always guide you to your highest path and purpose.  Namaste.