Mahatma Gandhi said it best “You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In This World”

With the elections coming up and the buzz of energy created during this time I affirm that the elected President is one who practices this lifestyle. We are at a marvelous time in history and although I exercise my right to vote I truly feel that it is no longer who the leader of this nation is.

The leader of this nation and of the world lies in all of us.

We must be that change we wish to see around us. How can we hope for world peace when we act in violence by giving the middle finger to the person who cuts us off on the road, roll our eyes at the person in front of us taking their time unloading their grocery cart onto the conveyor belt, teach our children that a certain religion is the only way or engage in gossip amongst our peers?

Violence and War is amongst us showing its many faces of fear, hatred, judgement, racial discrimination, religious intolerance, child abuse and exploitation of world’s resources.

Recognizing this everyday violence through the way we think, act, and speak awakens us to transforming the suffering we cause to others ultimately creating suffering in ourselves.

Cultivating the seeds of Peace, Love, Compassion and Oneness can lead us into a mindful way of peaceful living diminishing the roots of violence within our own hearts and minds.

We can stop the war. But the war begins in our our own hearts and minds and once we know how to end this violent war, we can truly end the violent war outside.

It starts at home. And home is the where the heart is. Look within. What are the battles of your mind? heart? What are your judgements of others? Reflect those judgments onto yourself and see where you need to heal first. Once you heal the judgements within, heal the separation in ourselves, we will no longer feel the separation from the other.

A Golden Rule that weaves through the many diverse cultures of this planet binding us as one.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” Matthew 7:12

“Hurt not others with that which pains you yourself.” Udanavarga, Buddhist text

“Treat others as you would be treated. What you like not for yourself dispense not to others.”
Abdullah Ansar, from an Islamic Sufi text

“A man should wander about treating all creatures as he himself would be treated.” Sutrakritanga, Jain text

On an energetic level we create that ripple effect. If I am holding the vibration of peace and love as a spirit then this vibration will effect those around me sending waves of peace and love in the ocean of humanity. My immediate circle of contacts will ultimately shift into a higher vibration, then their immediate circle of contacts will shift higher and so on.
I do not choose to sit in fear and anger, hate, judgement or resentment even if a friend chooses to sit at this vibration. I can only help to heal others by remaining at a vibration of peace and love knowing that by being Peace and Love, how I choose to see the world, will create that change in others around me.
To honor oneself is to honor all.

Send a silent blessing of light and love to every single person you see today and everyday. A shift in perception will occur from seeing through physical eyes to seeing through the eyes of spirit. And the eyes of spirit only sees the divine light and love in each and every one of us.

Bee Mindful. Bee Peace. Bee Love. Bee Light. Bee One. Bee the Change.