Over a year ago, I received the intuitive nudge to begin training others how to professionally provide intuitive readings and energy healings.

When my Soul spoke to me with this guidance, my ego bombed me with all kinds of negative self-talk.

“Who am I to train others in this way?”

“Will people even trust me to teach them how to do this?”

“No one’s going to sign up for your program!”

My Soul was ready. But my ego wasn’t.

So how do we get the ego on board when all it wants to do is put up a fight with your heart?

In today’s video, I’ll share with you how to create harmony between your Soul and the ego and how you know when your Soul is being called for the next level of your evolution.

We just wrapped up the 6-month training program called Intuition Mastery with our virtual graduation yesterday and it was phenomenal. My entire being feels radiant and overflowing with gratitude, especially because I trusted in that wisdom and didn’t give into my ego’s resistance.

Know that when your Soul is calling that you are safe. You are strong. And when you take action on the guidance you receive, everything unfolds better than you can ever imagine.

What is your Soul calling you to do? How do you move beyond the fears of the ego and create harmony between your head and heart?

Share your insights and questions below!