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The Human Aura is the energy field that radiates from the physical body.  It’s comprised of two main aspects.

The first aspect is your Spiritual or Soul essence, the spiritual energy that you came into this lifetime with comprised of your emotional, astral, and mental subtle energy bodies.

The second aspect that makes up your aura is the electromagnetic field comprised of electrical, thermal, heat, and light emanating from your physical body.

Your aura is three dimensional extending in all directions around your body. It’s shaped like a cocoon or an egg and is about arms length around you.  It can extend further or you can pull it in close to your body.

Your aura is a dynamic and moving field of energy that is constantly in motion, changing, and shifting.

In this video I show you two ways that you can learn how to see your aura!

Not only can you see auras but you can also intuitively read them too.

Your aura contains a vast amount of information and energy including colors and the meaning it has for you in each moment as well as stuck or stagnant energy that can get in the way of you and your relationships, life, or business.

Comment below to let me know how the exercise goes and what color is your aura!